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PGH Resistors

The PGH Resistors are a team of high school students from the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Team Members

We represent not only a variety of backgrounds from the City of Pittsburgh, we also represent Homewood- a neighborhood that has brought us all together.

Breona Pippens
Oakland Catholic High School

Hello! My name is Breona Pippens and I am currently enrolled in Oakland Catholic High School’s Senior class of 2019. I enjoy dancing and mentoring in my free time. What I like most in iGEM is working in the lab and expanding my knowledge on biology.

Tyler Griffin
Westinghouse High School

Hello! My name is Tyler Griffin and I am a sophomore at Westinghouse High School. My favorite classes in school are science and gym. Outside of school and iGEM, I like to play Fortnite on my Playstation 4 and ride my bike when it is nice outside. I also enjoy reading books and working at The Pittsburgh Zoo.

Jerome B McCree Jr
Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School

Hello! My name is Jerome McCree, I currently go to Central Catholic High School and plan to graduate in 2020. I am very excited about IGEM mainly because I want to work in the STEM field and this is a good first step as a high school student. I am currently working on a startup of my own with a mentor that I met at a coding a program. I plan to attend college for computer science and finance.


Ray Persaud
Propel High School

Hi! My name is Ray Persaud and I attend Propel Charter High School. I am originally from a country in South America called Guyana. I enjoy the work I do at iGEM because it prepares me for a STEM career in the future.

Julianne Harrison
Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy

Hi! My name is Julianne Harrison. I am a high school junior at the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy. My favorite thing to do in iGEM is learning new wet lab techniques such as like pipetting and making cultures, as well as conducting the experiments. Outside of iGEM I enjoy reading and watching movies.

Mike Franklin
Westinghouse High School

Hey! My name is Michael Franklin and I am a sophomore at Pittsburgh Westinghouse. My favorite animal is a turtle and that fuels my goal to become a herpetologist. One day I actually would like to own a turtle and enjoy the excitement of raising one. I am excited about competing in iGEM competition because it looks exciting and I am sure I will learn a lot at the Jamboree. When I am not at school or at iGEM, I enjoy playing Fortnite on my Playstation 4.


The project was completed with guidance from our advisors.

Dr. Andre Samuel
President and CEO
The Citizen Science Lab

Dr. Samuel founded and directs The Citizen Science Lab which is a community lab located in downtown Pittsburgh at the Energy Innovation Center. Dr. Samuel runs after school and weekend programs to educate and excite Pittsburgh youth about science. Some of the programming uses parts from past iGEM projects. For more information go to the website at https://www.thecitizensciencelab.org/

Dr. Cheryl Telmer
Research Biologist
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Telmer has guided undergraduate iGEM teams for 6 years and is committed to educating students and citizens about synthetic biology.

Vianie Henri
Undergraduate Advisor
Duquesne University

Vianie Henri is a senior in the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Duquesne University with a lot of experience with conducting laboratory research. As an undergraduate research, she was instrumental in mentoring the high school students and helping them complete the experiments.

Cynthia Thomas
Laboratory Technician
The Citizen Science Lab

Cynthia supported the team in the lab, helping with experiments and documentation and was instrumental in preparing for the competition.