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Collaboration with PITT iGEM Team 2018

We have been mentored by the PITT iGEM team since our iGEM program began in September 2017. They are veterans in the iGEM sphere and gave us a lot of insight on what the competition will entail. During our first meeting with them, they taught us a plasmid game and gave us some insight on the iGEM competition. Throughout the year, they would visit the lab and help us with some of our experiments and updating our Wiki. In the winter of 2018, two members of the PITT iGEM team helped us with completing our salt sensor data. The biosensor from the CMUQ 2017 iGEM team was selected for improved characterization (Part: BBa_K2467002). Dorsin and Vivian came to help us with figuring out the molarities, concentrations of the reagents, and graphing the data. The experiment showed that the optimal salt concentration for growth of E.Coli, which is an improvement of the biosensor of the CMUQ iGEM team. During the summer, the PITT iGEM team attended our program practices and would help us with anything that we needed experimentally and technically. Some of the PITT team members would help us with constructing our Wiki and other PITT team members would help us with troubleshooting our experiments.