IIT Kanpur 2018:

We were mentored by iGEM Team IIT Kanpur 2018 in troubleshooting few issues we faced while working on our project. Team IIT Kanpur is working on degrading SDS (Sodium dodecyl sulphate) in water, which is in principle similar to our project of degrading paan stains. So we approached them for a few brainstorming sessions via emails and Skype calls. We discussed various aspects of our projects right from project design, modelling to interlab and human practices. Team IIT Kanpur also helped us in troubleshooting issues we faced while cloning by suggesting some changes in our cloning protocols. We were keen to do modelling with their help but could not do it because of time constraints. We are glad to have an enriching and holistic collaboration with this fellow iGEM team and look forward to meet them at the Giant Jamboree.


IIT Madras 2018:

We were delighted to collaborate with iGEM Team IIT Madras 2018 for their Language Project. It was quite fun translating science into local Indian languages thus helping it to transcend language barriers. We translated their video :- Introduction to Synthetic Biology into Indian regional languages of Assamese, Bhojpuri, Tulu and Sanskrit. One of the team members of IIT Madras generously participated in our social media challenge #PaanSePareshaan and posted pictures of paan stains from Jaipur. In the course of time we developed cordial relations with Team Madras and are excited to meet them at the Giant Jamboree!


IISER Bhopal 2018:

We are glad that we participated in iGEM Day organized by Team IISER Bhopal-India 2018. We contributed and collaborated with them by sending them our project description and team photo for the iGEM Day 2018 event.


Team Westminster 2018:

We had a fun collaboration with Team Westminster UK 2018 where we had sent them a quick video as to how we contribute in reducing laboratory plastic waste. This collaboration is included as a part of our sustainable approach.


Team:Paris bettencourt 2016:

Special thanks to iGEM Team Paris-Bettencourt 2016, who sent us their biobrick parts which contain an enzyme related to our project.



We extensively participated in surveys conducted by our fellow iGEM teams around the world:-

  • UcSD igem - It is on iGEM Goals, Needs, and Climate Assessment.
  • iGEM Thessaloniki - Survey about synthetic biology, laboratory work, safety and ethics
  • iGEM Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec (Germany) - Dual Use and Dual Use Research of Concern
  • iGEM Team IIT-Kanpur - Survey to fight water pollution.

Our co-ordinates:

L .Nappo Road, Matunga
Dadar East,Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400019,