Mitali Patil

Mitali is known for her love towards microscopes and insects!

Aspires to become a scientist one day with her own lab working on what stirs her passion!

She also loves cats and their favorite food - fish.

Anjali Vaidya

Anjali is a great learner and loves biology.

An INSPIRE scholar and a budding scientist. Loves to challenge herself and has a positive attitude always!

She has the gift of the gab and an uncanny ability to make everyone around her laugh.

Komal Parab

Inexplicable love biology, passionate about Genetics.

She is an INSPIRE scholar, and her bucket list includes exploring new destinations and building a career in research.

A Hollywood enthusiast and a big Marvel fan. She is techno savvy and wishes to excel in computer programming. Besides academics, she also loves badminton.

Nishtha Pange

Nishtha loves microbes and what all they can do with the human body!

Aspires to be a research scientist and discover newer possibilities in every field, be it biology or life!

She is also a Kathak dance professional and a Potterhead by heart!

Aishwarya Rajurkar

Aishwarya has a keen interest in immunology and also loves to play with genes..!

Although her heart is inclined towards genetics her passion also lies in psychology.

She is a talented quilling and punch craft artist, whose work is admired by her peers. And the most important of all, "AISHWARYA DOESN’T SHARE FOOD" .😂

Shrutika Sawant

When it comes to science and especially research, all we need is patience and curiosity.

Shrutika is known for her patience and calmness that endures within everything she does.

Spic and span and always up to date with her studies and scientific techniques, she appears to be a talented piano player and a mad nail artist.

Maithili Sawant

Maithili loves to build ideas. Is inquisitive towards exploring vast areas in genetics and virology.

Likes to read research articles and difficult concepts, to solve analytical problems and troubleshooting technology.

Enjoys drawing and watching animated movies. A true Disnerd! (Disney nerd:)

Sanika Ambre

Seeker of knowledge, whose mind is filled with a vast array of ideas and questions and is open to learn new things, Sanika loves Marine microbiology and genetics.

She wishes to pursue teaching and a career in research. Apart from science, she loves practising Kathak and is a trained Taekwondo player.

She is a staunch believer in the saying, "Food is life."


Dr. Mayuri Rege (Primary PI)

Dr. Mayuri Rege is the captain of the iGEM Ruia-Mumbai team, who conceptualised and supervised the project.
She has over a decade of experience in molecular biology and genome engineering technologies, with Ph.D. (U.Mass) and postdoctoral (U.Penn) work in the area.
She has a long standing interest in synthetic biology, particularly it's application as a tool for educational outreach.

Dr Anushree Lokure (Secondary PI)

Dr. Anushree Lokur is the Principal-in-Charge and Head of the Dept. of Microbiology at Ruia College.
She has expertise in Microfluidics with an emphasis on cost effective applications of this technology. She helped the iGEM Ruia-Mumbai team with logistical/ institutional support and interfacing with external experts.

Sachin Rajagopalan (Instructor)

Sachin is a passionate teacher and co-coordinator of the safety training for the team.
He loves teaching the topics of cell biology, biochemistry and clinical manifestation of infections.
He loves writing fiction, cooking and can't stop moving to the music.

Mugdha Kulkarni (Instructor)

A quick learner and teacher by heart, Mugdha, is presently working with Ruia College as an Asst. professor.
Curious for knowledge since her student days, she has explored areas like Virology and Microfluidics during her undergrad years.
Pushing her limits, she also goes on treks and runs marathons and knows a fair bit of German language.


Lab assistant: Vijay Dalvi, Lab Attendant: Anil Sodha and Dashrath Juwale.


Our co-ordinates:

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Dadar East,Mumbai,
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