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Let's meet our team!


Etienne Axelos

Etienne is one of our designers. He studies at the ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris. He is always wearing black and fluorescent colors, which is very convenient because you can’t miss him. He is also a big music fan and has special skills in rock’n’roll dance (very impressive!). As you can imagine, he is one of our funniest team members, you are never bored with him. But he is as funny as he is a hard worker, and we can always count on his help.
By Emma

Alice Dejoux

Calm, determined, attentive and engaged: that’s how we see Alice. This young Parisian born in Marseille is currently studying at the prestigious school Chimie ParisTech. Talented and always smiling she was one of the leaders of the Parisian meet-up organization and she also attended the Mediterranean meet-up in Marseille. Her scientific experience made her show great involvement and perseverance in the lab while doing the modeling of the project. She is part of the 23 strong links of the team iGEM Paris Pasteur 2018.
By Florian

Claire Dumont

Claire is one of our three marvelous designers from ENSCi-les Ateliers. But that’s not it! She is also the key to keeping calm and focused the other two designers, who are more extroverted. Yet, she still loves to make movie references and silly jokes. In the team, she works very hard to create amazing graphics and she co-developed our final 3D-printed interface. It wouldn’t be an easy task to count the hours she spent on Rhino software to achieve her great results.
By Jonathan

Antoine Ehret

He is one of our dearest physicists studying at ESPCI Paris. He may seem like a shy person, but believe us: he is a man capable of wonders and knows a thing or two about inspirational speeches. In fact, you could consider him as our never-ending source of encouragement. Each word that comes out of him fills you with determination. " You have to push back your limits each and every day!"
By Aymen

Andreas Fyrillas

Behind his calm and hard-working look, Andreas Fyrillas will not hesitate to throw a punchline at you. His studies at the engineering school ESPCI Paris give him the skills to be an expert on microfluidic chips. Not only does he work the oscilloscope like no other, but he also has a secret talent in the kitchen that he uses to delight us from time to time. Apart from coding the wiki, he enjoys sharing his self-made dubstep music with us.
By Alice

Aymen Ghaneme

Aymen, currently a second-year student at Centrale-Supélec, is a smiling Morrocan who is always in for a break and above all a great fruit sugar-free ice cream (in fact, after a while, we realized the break is only a pretext for the ice cream). However, when he gets sufficient sleep, this hyper-active guy can use all his mathematical abilities on making models and will work for hours to solve any software bug.
By Thomas

Léa Guerassimoff

Léa is our little chemist from Chimie ParisTech who specializes in making everything she does, cute. Her kindness and good mood always delight everyone. She is a real ray of sunshine even when she blows a fuse on the Wiki. She is very organized and serious in what she undertakes, but don’t bother her if she is watching a video of a toy goat: toy goats make her crazy, like really crazy! Regardless, she is one of the best people I have met, thanks to iGEM. We are now bosom buddies, that’s why people nickname us Tic & Tac.
By Ellyn

Samuel Jaoui

Samuel is a 20-year-old engineering student from Chimie ParisTech. Despite being the youngest member of our team, Samuel was the first person to imagine and believe in this ambitious project and convinced us to create NeuronArch. His skills in biological engineering and programming help us to model scientific concepts of our project.
By Etienne

Manon Madelenat

Behind her strong character, Manon hides a very big heart! She is studying biotechnologies at Sup’Biotech Paris. She is in her last year of study and she actually works in health and production fields. Her next step is to work in neuroscience and understand neurodegenerative diseases! She is an essential member of the team and is the queen of mini and midiprep! Manon is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, trust me!
By Léa

Jonathan Naccache

Jon is really motivated and committed to the lab work! Studying biotechnologies at Sup’Biotech Paris for the past five years, he is very passionate about synthetic biology and would like to continue in this field of study by getting his Master of research next year. In the team, he spends a lot of time in the lab but also on illustrator to make amazing explanatory schemes!
By Manon

Éléa Paillares

Motivated and always smiling, Éléa always sets a happy mood in the room and never misses an occasion to crack you up. Although she spends her days locked in the laboratory working hard, making use of the skills she learned at Sup’Biotech, she has the spirit of a true traveler. Sometimes, she likes to go on spontaneous trips, not even bothering to book a hotel beforehand. She looks forward to the Giant Jamboree: she has never been to the United States!
By Andreas

Emma Picaud-Lucet

What is more important to Emma than her cat’s happiness? IGEM of course! As a law student from the Faculté Jean Monnet, she is one of the members in charge of all of the legal aspects of the project. Never afraid of giving her opinions on various matters, she often deals with subjects beyond the law, such as the human practices collaboration with other iGEM teams. Her secret talent: she’s a very talented cartoonist!
By Samuel

Sarah Porte

Sarah is a biology major getting her Master’s at the Sorbonne-Université Pierre et Marie Curie. She is highly organized and is very good at multi-tasking, which is very useful. Sarah appreciates her independence as she works best this way, but will lend a helping hand if she is needed. She will also gladly borrow other people’s sweaters if it helps her stay warm!
By Deshmukh

Ellyn Redheuil

Nicknamed Tic because of her inseparable bond with Léa (aka Tac), Ellyn lit up our summer with her continuous smiles, laughter, and amazing ideas and animations for our wiki page! She is an engineering student at ESPCI Paris, and you would be impressed by the range of her abilities: from coding the wiki to transforming bacteria. Whether in the lab or behind her computer, she seems to know how to do anything and everything. Her best specialty is her delicious cookies which are better than anyone else’s!
By Charlotte

Charlotte Richard

Engineer, biologist, adventurer and athlete, Charlotte has it all! She is in her second year at Ecole Polytechnique, a military engineering school, and wants to specialize in Biology. In the lab, she is the best at Mini-preps, but she is also involved in the modeling part. In her spare time, she likes scouting and teaching the youth how to survive in the wild. That’s why she has the best BBQ skills!
By Gabriela

Gabriela Sachet

Studying biology at Sup’Biotech, Gabriela has played a key part in the laboratory. She has also contributed a lot to the bibliography, which helped keep the project on track. She has had the privilege of living in many different countries, which has made her a modern adventurer, always seeking new experiences. She recently participated in the 4L Rally (France to Morocco in a French retro car) before focusing on the iGEM competition!
By Claire

Thomas Starck

Spirit-son of Tony Stark, a great defender of planet Earth and member of the Avengers, Thomas Starck chose a different path. Full of imagination and a practical spirit, Thomas is in his second year in Ecole Polytechnique, a military engineering school. In addition to his lab work, he also dedicated his time to the making of this wiki page. In his free time, he loves to help his “dad” save the world, but also go out and enjoy life.
By Sarah

Florian Thomas

Florian has many skills in his designer toolbox, he studied cabinet-making and he is now finishing his studies at ENSCi-Les Ateliers. He enjoys the beauty of raw material and well-made products, which is reflected in his work. While being a calm and thoughtful person, Florian still knows how to make his point, especially when it comes to the topic of the use of animals in research. Do not let his backward cap and youthful smile fool you, Florian is actually our oldest team member!
By Éléa

Kelly Trang

Don’t let her fool you, behind her cute smile and freckles Kelly is actually a big fan of hardcore heavy metal. A first year Master’s student studying intellectual property law at the Faculté Jean Monnet, she is also a true scientist at heart and loves to follow the scientists around in the lab. When she is not baking something delicious or stealing food from her team members, she is very responsible and in charge of the legal work.
By Antoine


Deshmukh Gopaul

Deshmukh Gopaul, researcher and Head of Design in Biology at the Institut Pasteur, has been coaching the iGEM Pasteur Paris teams for 4 years now. Although he specializes in Biology, he is well versed in a variety of topics, allowing him to always have an interesting anecdote to share. He is very meticulous and although working with him may take a lot of time, patience, and tears, we know that it’s worth it in the end!
By Kelly

Guillian Graves

Guillian is an industrial designer specialized in biomimicry, working in Paris at his design studio BIG BANG Project. He also teaches at ENSCI-Les Ateliers (National School for Advanced Studies in Design). His professionalism and his high expectations go hand in hand with his sympathy. He helps our team think about the design of our device and uses his expertise to support our designers in creating a global project.
By Claire

Serena Petracchini

Serena has been the key to answering many of our questions, thanks to her extensive experience in microbiology. Her major contribution to the project as a coach has been in the Interlab, along with the many great ideas she has! When she doesn’t agree with something you will hear her Italian come out as she says “ma no!” followed, of course, by some hand motion. If still, you disagree with her, try her delicious tiramisu. I am sure she (it) will convince you!
By Anna

Anna Segú Cristina

With a true Catalan heart and a great french accent, Anna is putting the best of her energies in her tutoring role for iGem Pasteur. A soon-to-be second year Ph.D. student, she finds time between a neuron an a miniprep to do sports and other extracurriculars, always leaving her friends astonished. Full of board game evenings and genetic engineering, she’s able to enjoy the best of Parisian life!
By Serena