Team:TJU China/Attributions

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The lab work, wiki design and development, poster design and any images or diagrams were done by team members except where otherwise attributed. Our advisors, Dongqi Bao, Zhongyi Jiang, and Zhuozhi Chen helped troubleshoot our experiments and offered suggestions on all aspects of our project.
Human Practice
Begonia festival whole team members
Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau Interview Chenbo Sun
Email Communication for advice and information Muchan Gao, Minghui Yin
Hospital Inerview and Invitation Chenbo Sun
Education Chenbo Sun, Mengyuan Lv
Collaboration Chenbo Sun
Wiki Text Chenbo Sun, Yuqi Song, Peicheng Li
Figuring Out the Quality of Certain Heavy Metal in Water Minghui Yin
High Throughput Screening of Certain Cancer Zheng Hu
Advice and Suggestions Dongqi Bao
Wiki Text Zheng Hu, Minghui Yin, Peicheng Li
Wiki & Graphic Design
Poster Text and Graphic Design Muchan Gao, Yuqi Song, Yuhao Qiu, Xuechun Gao, Chenbo Sun
Banner Yuqi Song, Chenbo Sun
Wiki Design Yuqi Song, Peicheng Li
Logo Design Yuqi Song, Peicheng Li
Wet lab
Literature Research Whole team participated
Heavy Metal Detection Muchan Gao, Yiran Cheng, Mengyuan Lv, Mengyao Lin
Cell-free Cancer Detection Xuechun Gao, Linpeng Chen, Xinzhao Sun
Delivery of the RNPs into cells Yuqi Song, Mengqi Li, Wenzhong Teng
Curation of Mitochondrial Diseases Yuhao Qiu
Biobricks Chenbo Sun, Xinyi Wang, Xiaoyu Yang, Yiran Cheng, Junjing Chen
Wiki Text Yuqi Song, Peicheng Li, Chenbo Sun
Presentation Yuqi Song, Chenbo Sun, Muchan Gao, Xiaoyu Yang, Junjing Chen, Xinyi Wang
General Support
School of Life Sciences, Tianjin University
Project Support and Advice
Thanks to our instructor Zefang Wang who gave us much precious advice. We also give great appreciation for what student advisor, Zhuozhi Chen Dongqi Bao and Zhongyi Jiang, have helped with our project. And we thanks Yang Tuotuo for generating training data for the off-target model. We also appreciate School of Public Health, University of South China for providing us with the COS7-GFP cell line.
Difficult Technique Support
Jing Liu: Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSCM)
Project Advisor Support
Dongqi Bao,Zhongyi Jiang,Zhuozhi Chen
Wiki Support
Yichen Wang gave some advice on the construction and art designing of our wiki.
Presentation Coaching
Zefang Wang
Human Practices Support
Pro. Mario A. Marchisio from SPST in Tianjin University answered our questions on modelling and gave us advice.
Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau answered our questions on situation of water quality, gave us information of common means to monitor water quality and the disadvantages of them, which inspired us how to apply our project to the improvement of the monitoring system.
Dr. Zhong from Tianjin Medical University General Hospital answered our questions on information and means of cancer detection, gave us advice, and tried our protocol.
Pro. Cheng Chen a teacher in the lab with loads of knowledge in synthetic biology, helped in our freshmen education.