Team:TJU China/Team

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We couldn't have accomplished all that we have without the great members in our team.
Extra special thanks to our PIs,Zefang Wang and Haitao Yang, who worked tirelessly to help us. There's some
more awesome people mentioned on the attributions page who helped us on our project but weren't part of our team.
Team Leaders
Yuqi Song
Chenbo Sun
Team Members
Junjing Chen
Linpeng Chen
Mengqi Li
Mengyao Lin
Mengyuan Lv
Minghui Yin
Muchan Gao
Peicheng Li
Wenzhong Teng
Xiaoyu Yang
Xinyi Wang
Xuechun Gao
Yiran Cheng
Yuhao Qiu
Xinzhao Sun
Zheng Hu
Team Advisors
Dongqi Bao
Zhongyi Jiang
Zhuozhi Chen