Introducing ADOPE
Advanced Detection Of Performance Enhancement

We are fighting for honest athletes and clean sports by detecting gene doping -
a rising threat to fair sport.

Learn more about each unique part of our project.

Fusion protein

How-to: Detect gene doping

With our newly designed CRISPR-Cas based fusion protein, we developed a next-generation targeted sequencing platform. Find out all the measures we took to bring our project to perfection.


iGEM TU Delft's next top model

Our wetlab and drylab are working side by side when it comes to gene doping detection. Find out how both parts influenced each other and how we simulated the entire doping process within the human body.


Everything you need to know about our Human Practices

During our iGEM season, we actively involved stakeholders and the public with our project. Read more about the interesting people we met and how each of them contributed.

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