As ADOPE, and thus defenders of fair sports, we love medals! Of course iGEM is more than just ticking boxes for different prizes that can be won. However, we would like to provide an overview to all the relevant content that proves we fulfilled the necessary requirements.

Bronze Requirements

Bronze Medal
  1. Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance
  2. Every day we tried to make the best of our iGEM season!

  3. Competition Deliverables
  4. Read more about which prizes we are going for on our judging form.

  5. Attributions
  6. See who did what during our adventure and who helped us.

  7. Contribution
  8. Read more about our InterLab study.

Silver Requirements

Silver Medal
  1. Validated Part
  2. You can find everything you want to know about our Tn5 Transposase on its own Registry Page.

  3. Collaboration
  4. Learn more about our collaboration partners from all over the globe.

  5. Human Practices
  6. Learn more about how we included the world in our project and our project in the world.

Gold Requirements

Gold Medals
  1. Model
  2. Our modeling work helped shape our project.

  3. Improvement
  4. We added new features to Write in DNA tool of the 2014 iGEM team Aberdeen.

  5. Integrated Human Practices
  6. Learn more about the plethora of stakeholder interactions and how they changed our project.

  7. Demonstrate
  8. Learn about our proof of concept for our novel targeted next generation sequencing method ADOPE