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Composite Parts

When constructing our composite BioBrick, we made use of PCR amplification with our constructed expression plasmids as template to construct several BioBricks. Since our fusion protein BBa_K2643000 consists of the dxCas9, linker and Tn5 coding sequences this part is registered as composite part. The basic parts comprising the our fusion protein composite part are documented separately and also exist as separate BioBricks. Our favourite composite part is dxCas9-Lin-Tn5 BBa_K2643000.

Table 1. Composite Part submitted by TU Delft iGEM 2018 team. All BioBricks were constructed by the team members involved in wetlab: Susan Bouwmeester, Kavish Kohabir, Venda Mangkusaputra, Timmy Paez, Lisbeth Schmidtchen and Nicole Bennis
Name Type Description Designer
BBa_K2643000 Composite dxCas9-linker-Tn5 fusion protein (HIS Tag) TU Delft 2018