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Basic Parts

When constructing our BioBricks, we made use of the IDT synthesis offer. This way we were able to generate our required parts in a fast and efficient way. Additionally, we made use of PCR amplification with our constructed expression plasmids as template to construct several BioBricks. All of the parts contain a coding sequence, some of which extended with promoters or introns. The basic parts forming our fusion protein composite part are documented separately and also exist as separate BioBricks. This is advantageous for those wishing to combine one of our basic parts with a different expression level or compose a different composite part altogether. All BioBricks are submitted with elaborate characterisation so the user may choose the best protein for their project accordingly. Our favourite basic part is dxCas9 BBa_K2643001.

Table 1. Basic Parts submitted by TU Delft iGEM 2018 team. All BioBricks were constructed by the team members involved in wetlab: Susan Bouwmeester, Kavish Kohabir, Venda Mangkusaputra, Timmy Paez, Lisbeth Schmidtchen and Nicole Bennis
Name Type Description Designer
BBa_K2643001 Basic dxCas9 (HIS Tag) TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643002 Basic Tn5 Transposase (HIS Tag) TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643003 Basic Glycine Helical peptide Linker (GHL) TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643004 Basic Coding region (CDS) of human erythropoietin (EPO) hormone TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643005 Basic Human EPO gene with artificial intron (615 bp) TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643006 Basic Human EPO gene with artificial intron (135 bp) TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643007 Basic Human EPO gene with 2 artificial introns (615 + 135 bp) TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643008 Basic Human EPO gene with mutation 1 (5 bp) TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643009 Basic Human EPO gene with mutation 2 (12 bp) TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643010 Basic gRNA expression cassette for CRISPR-targeting lacZ TU Delft 2018
BBa_K2643011 Basic Mosaic Ends-flanked Kanamycin cassette and RFP TU Delft 2018