A Brief Introduction
to Allergy Testing Master

Histamine increases significantly in blood when allergy happens. So, we modifidied the pheromone pathway in the yeast to test histamine release in blood sample under one specific allergen. The pheromone receptor ste2 in original pathway is replaced by human histamine receptor H3 or H4. In order to reinforce the coupling between H3/H4 and yeast G-protein, C-terminal of α subunit of G-protein is modified by replacing several amino acids from the homologous protein in human. EGFP is pludged afterward the promoter Fus1 as a reporter gene. Sufficient works substantiate our modifications. Then We construct models describing the relationship between histamine and EGFP intensity, which make contributions to the analysis of diagnosis credence.Besides, we design an integrated kit for the whole process of the blood collection, testing reaction and dignosis.Diagnosis result, after being calculated on our server, will be sent to terminals as smart phones, which makes our project possible for domestic uses.

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