With team Tsinghua

July 20th, Li Yaqi and Yu Si, representatives of Team Tsinghua-A, along with main members of Team Tsinghua had a meet-up with Liu Dong, Chen Guoqiang and other professors of the School of Life Science. Design and difficulty in recent experiments fully discussed during the meeting, questions we raised answered respectively by professors, senior schoolmate willing to help, we benefited greatly as the bond between both teams strengthened.

July 20th, Team Tsinghua-A borrowed TE buffer of Team Tsinghua’s lab.

August 3rd to 17th, both teams got visas in chorus, gave each other suggestions and set itinerary. We settled to attend the 5th CCIC (Conference of China iGEMer Community) in Shanghai.

September 20th to 30th, guided by professor Wang Xiaowo, Team Tsinghua-A got in contact with Zhang Lei, Tsinghua school mate and principal of China Science and Technology Museum. Member Guan Ai made draft plan of exhibition between October 4th to 7th in the museum. Delicate of team, Li Yaqi bargained with the museum and decided the final plan of exhibition. Afterwards, Huang Tianze, leader of Team Tsinghua proposed a joint exhibition plan with Team Tsinghua-A.

October 1st to 4th, Team Tsinghua-A borrowed E. coli strain which steadily express YFP, GFP and RFP fluoresce protein, and cosign it to Team Tsinghua to cultivate, and inoculate to solid medium.

October 4th to 7th, exhibition in China Science and Technology Museum took place as arranged, daily watched by at least four members from Team Tsinghua-A and three members from Team Tsinghua.

In the impending future, Team Tsinghua-A and Team Tsinghua should accomplish the final task in Giant Jamboree fabulously in joined hands.