Team:UC Davis/Attributions


Thank you to everyone who has helped us with this project!
Cenozoic is deeply grateful to the following mentors:

Dr. Marc Facciotti

Project Advisor

Dr. Marc Facciotti, Associate Professor, was our main advisor for this project. He guided the team in general project design, lab support, fundraising help, developing protocols for mammalian cell culture, and presentation coaching.


Andrew Yao

Lab Manager and Mentor

Andrew Yao, Lab Manager and Research and Development Engineer, was our second main advisor for this project. He guided the team in wet lab, developing protocols, troubleshooting, fundraising advice, human practices support, and ordering reagents.

The team would also like to recognize these individuals:

Linda Huang

Graphic Designer

Linda is a third year Design student at UC Davis with a focus in User Interface. She specializes in visual design and has a background in illustration. In her free time, she likes to draw and consume boba tea. Special thanks to Linda for designing the website and all the amazing graphics.

  • Dr. Justin Siegel , Assistant Professor, has history working with the Superfund Program. He used his experience with Superfund to assist the team in designing the project and receiving fundraising.
  • Dr. Michael Denison, Professor of Environmental Toxicology, for his advice regarding the field of environmental toxicology and design of our bioassay.
  • Daniel Lewis , Postgraduate Research Candidate, for his help in experiment design.
  • Hyunsoo Kim , Postgraduate Research Candidate, for her help with mammalian cell cultures and protocol development.
  • Elizabeth Middleton , Assistant Professor, for her help with human practices, especially regarding respectful engagement and collaboration with a Native American tribe.
UC Davis iGEM 2018.