Team:UC Davis/Medal Requirements


Medal Requirements
Bronze ✔ Registered for iGEM, had a great summer and attended the Giant Jamboree.
✔ Completed all required deliverables:
          Successfully created our team wiki, poster, judging sheet, and presented at the Giant Jamboree
✔ Created our attribution page and registry parts pages
✔ Submitted our safety and judging forms, and DNA samples of our new biobricks to the registry
✔ Participated in the Interlab Measurement study.
Silver Collaborated with another iGEM team
✔ Created a Biobrick part central to our project
✔ Successfully engaged in Human Practices
Gold ✔ Successfully modeled our project
✔ Fully integrated Human Practices into our project. For a full report please see our Human Practices page.
Demonstrated our system works
UC Davis iGEM 2018