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Meet the Team
Meet The Team

Daniel Graves

Genetics and Genomics

Hi, I am a third year Genetics and Genomics B.Sc. student. I plan on pursuing a PhD in Synthetic Biology after I graduate from UC Davis. Outside of the lab, my interests include writing novels and running marathons. I also enjoy memes.


Achala Rao

Biological Systems Engineering

Hi! My name is Achala Rao and I am a fourth year Biological systems Engineering major. I aim to pursue a career in pharmaceutical engineering after graduating from UC Davis. In my free time, I enjoy painting, reading and watching Netflix.


Jolee Nieberding-Swanberg

Physical Sciences

Hello, my name is Jolee Nieberding-Swanberg. I am a sophomore in the College of Letters and Sciences at UC Davis. I am interested in stem cell and bacterial cellulose reasearch. When I am not in the lab, I like to run half-marathons, read, or eat Thai food.


Jacob Lang

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Hello, my name is Jacob Lang and I am a third-year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B. Sc. student. After graduation, I aim to start a biotech company. During my free time, I enjoy boxing and playing Fortnite.


Ares Torres

Biological Systems Engineering

Hi, my name is Ares Torres and I am a third-year Biological Systems Engineer B.S. student. I plan on pursuing a career in biotechnology. I am particularly interested in biofuels and composting. I enjoy gardening, badly playing the guitar, and watching anime.

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