Team:UC San Diego/Collaborations


University of La Verne Meetup

The UC San Diego team was part of the summer meetup hosted by University of La Verne, including UC Davis and TecCEM. Because it was the first time for a lot of people on our team, it was very helpful to meet with the teams and get feedback on our project ideas. It was very interesting to hear about the other teams’ project ideas, including ideas about encoding genetic data in bacterial plasmids, developing a mammalian biosensor, and wastewater treatment and PET degradation. We also got a lot of feedback about certain aspects to focus on for the wetlab design of our project, including the specificity of the MBD protein. University of La Verne was also extremely gracious in helping walk us through part of the Interlab protocol after our initial data set was rejected. As such, it was great to meet the other Southern California teams and get their advice. We also helped clarify some of the other team’s projects and were able to give tips on presentation and communication.

Imperial College

Imperial College is also developing a Communications Strategy Guide (CSG), and we were able to provide some feedback for their guide. In return, as a new team, they helped give us some tips for what to expect at the Jamboree.

Boston University Hardware Team

After our team decided to implement a microfluidic platform, we realized that we needed to understand how to integrate genetic circuit work with microfluidics. Thus, we first got in contact with Dr. Douglas Densmore, who serves as one of the primary investigators for the Boston University Hardware iGEM team. He explained the classifications of microfluidic devices and helped us understand the advantages and disadvantages of controlled flow devices and paper microfluidics. In addition, we had a follow up call with BU HW who helped us further understand some of the tools that the CIDAR Lab has developed in order to help expedite the microfluidic device fabrication workflow. They also got us into contact with Jana Healthcare who works in developing an optical sensing biosensor for glucose levels.