Team:ULaVerne Collab/Applied Design

Applied Design

Best Applied Design Special Prize

Hydraulic ram pumps have the ability to raise water to considerable elevation without the use of an external power source. Instead, it uses pressure generated from a “water hammer” shock wave. Water enters the pump at one point and exerts water at two points. We have modified one of the exerting points to lead back to the entry point allowing the water to be cycled through the pump again. Our GMO will flow through the ram pump which will keep it in a closed system. The water going through multiple cycles allows for more of the water to be in contact with our GMO, giving the PETase sufficient time to be expressed. This pump has the ability to be scaled up and used at wastewater facilities as an extension to help reduce microfibers and has many other applications.

Modified cyclical model of hydraulic ram pump depicting water flow. The waste valve becomes the endpoint where water is collected

Actual ram pump created and tested