Team:ULaVerne Collab/Safety


Our project was is focused on Waste Water application and during our research we learned that their processes already contain a chlorination step to kill any and all bacteria from the aeration stage. Refer to project design link for more info.

Project Design!

Safe Project Design

Does your project include any safety features? Have you made certain decisions about the design to reduce risks? Write about them here! For example:

  • Choosing a non-pathogenic chassis
  • Choosing parts that will not harm humans / animals / plants
  • Substituting safer materials for dangerous materials in a proof-of-concept experiment
  • Including an "induced lethality" or "kill-switch" device

Safe Lab Work

What safety procedures do you use every day in the lab? Did you perform any unusual experiments, or face any unusual safety issues? Write about them here!

Safe Shipment

Did you face any safety problems in sending your DNA parts to the Registry? How did you solve those problems?

Biology Lab Safety Rules
   - Think responsibly and always think SAFETY
   - Avoid working in the laboratory unsupervised, especially when working with hazardous chemicals.
   - Eating and drinking is NOT permitted in the laboratories. All food and drink MUST be left outside the lab.
   - ALWAYS leave the lab cleaner than you found it! Wipe down bench and other lab surfaces. Always assume that
     spilled material are dangerous.
   - Wash hands thoroughly after handling toxic materials and when leaving the lab.
   - Know the locations of all available safety equipment (eye wash, fire extinguisher, safety shower, first aid, and phone & exit).
   - Keep alert to unusual and/or unpleasant odors and notify instructor immediately.
   - Know where to evacuate in case of a fire or earthquake. Exit building using the stairwell.

Personal Protection Rules
   - Always wear eye protection (safety goggles or safety glasses) when necessary in specific labs.
   - Contact lenses should NOT be worn in lab.
   - Shorts or short skirts are NEVER allowed to be worn in lab.
   - Cropped pants or longer shorts/skirts must come to mid calf.
   - Lab coats are required at ALL times.
   - Do NOT wear clothing with loose sleeves or loose jewelry in lab.
   - Closed toe shoes must ALWAYS be worn in labs.
   - Long hair must be tied back.

Chemical & Equipment Handling Rules
   - Discard all biohazards materials in biohazard containers.
   - Broken glassware should be discarded in special glass disposal containers located in all labs. A brush or dustpan is
     available to clean up broken glassware.
   - Be aware of HOT surfaces and liquids (Bunsen burners, hot plates, water baths, etc.)
   - Read chemical labels before removing any of the contents and observe any precautions listed.
   - Never remove chemicals or other materials from the laboratory area unless pre-approved by the instructor.
   - Examine glassware and equipment for any damage before use. Report any damage to instructor immediately.
   - DO NOT use equipment if you are not properly trained.

Safety Images Below: