Team:ULaVerne Collab/Attributions

Team Attributions

Micah Madrid: Micah delegated most of the team to provide direction and achieve maximum results over the summer. Micah also worked on project design, the judging form, recorded and created the introduction team video for fundraising and helped with lab work. The final T-shirt design was completed by Micah as well.

CJ Woodward: CJ worked on project design, lab work, fundraising, research, the Interlab study, parts of the project on the wiki and Gibson assembly. CJ also helped with team delegations and lunch time entertainment.

Sabrina Delgadillo: Sabrina designed and created the ram pump as well as project design, human practices, judging form, wiki, collaborations, the Interlab study, fundraising, lab work, and alongside Karen and Cynthia with lab inventory.

Seth Barrington: Seth filmed and edited the halfway point videos for fundraising and helped work on fundraising, wiki, lab work, attributions, the Interlab study, research, and team t-shirt designs.

Cynthia Basulto: Cynthia designed the ram pump schematic and worked on the Interlab study, wiki, judging form, fundraising, and lab work. Cynthia also arranged human practices along with Magaly.

Catherosette Meas: Rosette helped in creating the parts portion of the wiki and filling out the judging form along side Micah and Karen. Rosette also worked on the Interlab study, fundraising, lab work, wiki and research.

Karen De Leon Perussina: Karen worked on the Interlab study, fundraising, wiki, lab work, and alongside Sabrina and Cynthia with lab inventory.

Angelica Sabandal: Angelica worked on fundraising, research, collaborations, lab work, Interlab study, and designing the team t-shirts.

Magaly Aguirre Sanchez: Magaly worked on the Interlab study, fundraising, lab work, human practices and with designing the team t-shirts and banner.


Jennifer Tsui: Thank you to Dr. Tsui for her mentoring and guidance throughout our summer research. We could not have done this without her help.

Todd Lorenz: Thank you to Dr. Lorenz for mentoring and helping throughout our summer research.

Dr. Daneshbod: Thank you to Dr. D for collaborating with us in mathematical modeling.

Amy Jiang: Thank you to Amy for collaborating with us in the maker's part of our project.

General Acknowledgments

Thank you both Monica and Kylie for helping us find supplies to conduct our project. Thank you to Biola University for allowing us to use their lab to finish the Interlab Study. Thank you to the Fundraising University Advancement team for all their help in fundraising for our registration cost, flight, and housing. Thank you to the University of La Verne for providing a laboratory, lab equipment, and the Crowdsourcing website. Thank you to ASULV for our team registration costs. Thank you to UC San Diego, Tec-Monterrey, and UC Davis for coming to our SoCal Meet Up. Thank you to the North America iGEM Ambassador Amy Chen for also attending the SoCal Meet Up. Thank you to Team Stockholm for collaboration. Thank you to Marcus Eriksen for sharing his expertise in environmental science and providing direction for our project. Thank you to San Jose Water Reclamation Plant for giving us a tour of their water plant and generously providing water samples.