We sincerely thank team USTC-Software-2017, who gave us much advice, and their project, Biohub 2.0, from which our project got helped.

We sincerely thank all the free software that we use like Angular, Django, and webpack. They are the foundation of our project.


We sincerely thank our advisors--Professor Liu Haiyan, who helped us determine the topic of our project, and Dr. Hong Jiong, who gave us lots of valuable advice in basic biology during our working process.

We sincerely thank the Western Library of USTC for their generously providing a room of long-term use for us making great progress there.

We sincerely thank the University of Science and Technology of China Initiative Foundation for their sponsorship all these years.

We sincerely thank the School of Life Sciences, USTC for their academic support and inspiring advice on our project.


  • Management: Wang Hao and Zhang Hao.
  • Frontend: Yi Jingwei, Chen Lutong, Xie Bohao, Wang Tong, Yu Zihao, Gao Nan and He Liyang.
  • Backend: He Jiyan, Ma Kai, Zhang Hao, Guan Xiuxian, Zhang Bowen and Zheng Qixuan.
  • Wiki: Guo Yaochi and Pan Jie.
  • Art: Li Wenrui, Xie Bohao, and Wang Tong.
  • Biology: Zhou Yitian and Cui Meiying.