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Meet Biohub 3.0

Biohub 3.0 is a powerful Synthetic biology platform inspired by the way you work. It is devoted for efficient working and sharing. Built after abundant investigation, it takes care of much of the hassle of Experiment, so you can enjoy your creating experience.

  • Ridiculously fast.
  • Exceedingly technical

BioHub Editor

Biohub editor gives you an amazing writing experience. Reports can be accomplished without duplicated work automatically. It allows you to design experiment without any unnecessary distractions, offers a seamless experience between creating and sharing.

  • Removing massive duplicated tasks
  • Organized by modular system
  • Seamless Preview the report
  • Simple Export and download

Intelligent Search Engine

The intelligent search engine based on Natural Language Process is able to understand your words. Our search engine is combined with advanced AI algorithm. You don't need to change pages during working. Just type what you want, everything will be ready in a second.