Registration and Jamboree Attendance:

​ USTC-Software has already registered in iGEM 2018. All members of us are prepared for the Giant Jamboree!

Competition Deliverables:

  • Here is our well-designed Wiki!
  • Our post has been designed and printed, waiting for the Giant Jamboree!
  • All members are prepared for the presentation!
  • We have finished our Judging Form within the time frame specified!


​ We have listed all of our ATTRIBUTIONS from different parts and thanked everyone and organizations that have helped us.


​ Our search engine, report editor and biology community make it convenient for biologists to find what they want, to write what they discovered, to communicate with each other. Biologists will certainly feel it convenient to use our product.

​ Our search engine support biobricks wonderfully!


Validated Contribution:

​ We introduce our features in the VALIDATED CONTRIBUTION page. Have fun using our biohub !


​ We keep collaborating with SJTU-software, UESTC-Software, USTC. Check COLLABORATION for details.

Human Practices:

​ We organized a large-scale event for citizens ( especially kids ) who are interested in biology, aiming to inspire them to learn more about biology.

​ And also, we made a speech at the Student Open Source Conference.

​ Check HUMAN PRACTICE for more detail.


Integrated Human Practices:

​ Having learned the steps we provided are not enough for them to finish most of the reports, we designed that users can create new steps and processes.

​ Check INTEGRATED HUMAN PRACTICE for more detail.

Improve a Previous Project:

​ Our project is based on biohub2.0. We developed the performance of search engine and added a convenient editor into biohub.

​ Check IMPROVE for more detail.

Model Your Project:

​ Check MODEL for more detail.

Demonstration of Your Work:

​ Check DEMONSTRATION for more detail.