Team:Sorbonne U Paris


SugarevolutionSugar is the main source of energy for the cell factories used in synthetic biology. However, its massive production has dramatic impacts on the environment. Therefore, in order to bring a solution to this serious environmental issue, we want to engineer a green microalgae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtti, to allow an ecofriendly sugar production within marine waters, limiting the competition with arable lands.

Moreover, to be able to spread the use of microalgae as a chassis, more genetic tools to engineer it are still required. To do so, we will enrich the recently developed Modular Cloning (MoClo) toolkit for C. reinhardtti with a synthetic retrotransposon to generate in vivo continuous directed evolution. It will be the first time that such genetic tool is applied to non-baring plasmid cells such as microalgae. This approach enables the generation of new proteins with tailor-made functional properties as well as the optimization of biological systems.