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Thank to our sponsors, we were able to pursue our experiments and create communication platforms for our project. They also enabled us to take part in events such as the Sustainability festival (festival du développement durable), organised by the LUPA organisation, Les Universitaires Planteurs d’Alternatives (Academics planters of alternatives). They also allowed us to hold a stand at the 2018 Science Village of Sorbonne Université which will take place from October 12th to October 14th.

Last but not least they enabled us to join the iGEM competition and the Giant Jamboree in Boston by donating money for our tuition fees and travel expenses!

Master BMC

Molecular and Cellular Biology Master at Sorbonne Université (Master BMC)

Logo of Master BMC

TThe department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Sorbonne Université was among the first entities to support our project. Many of our team members are currently enrolled in this Master Program. Its main objective is to provide its students high levels of education. In this Master students can specialize in a large variety of disciplines in biology: biochemistry, molecular, cellular or developmental biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, bioinformatics and biophysics. In addition, students acquire many skills such as managing bibliographic resources, knowing how to set up an experiment, making critical analysis of scientific results as well as cross-disciplinary skills such as knowing how to work in a group, carrying out a project and communicating results. Those were very helpful to our team throughout the iGEM competition.

To learn more about this Master at Sorbonne Université:

FSDIE of Sorbonne Université

Solidarity fund for the development of student initiatives (Fond de Solidarité et de developpement des Initiatives Etudiantes) of Sorbonne Université

Logo SU

The FSDIE is a fund that exists in all universities in France and is dedicated to support students or associations with a project in culture, arts, sciences and technology, sports, environment, solidarity, health, citizenship, handicap and many other areas. This is a "Go-to" sponsor for all iGEM teams in France as it is one of our major contributors, and provides us with precious advice and contacts to better communicate our project among students.

To learn more about this commission:

UFR de Sciences de la Vie de Sorbonne Université

Education and Research Unit for Life Sciences at Sorbonne Université

Logo UFR biologie

The Education and Research Unit for Life Sciences at Sorbonne University (UFR 927) gathers three departments: the Bachelor degree of Life Sciences, the Master degree of Molecular and Cellular Biology Master, and the Master degree of Integrative Biology and Physiology. It is a multidisciplinary unit that covers all fields of biology. Besides being an important platform for theoretical and practical education that welcomes around 3700 students each year, its research activities are being carried out in 15 institutes. Moreover, 6 research centers and 6 PhD programs are also affiliated to the UFR 927. This year our project SugaRevolution was selected for the BQR (Bonus Quality Research) Prize offered by the UFR 927. The BQR which was created by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France in 1990 allows Education and Research Units to support and promote research projects carried out within their laboratories. We are very proud of this distinction.

To learn more about this Education and Research Unit:

Office for Science & Technology (OST)
Embassy of France in the United States

Logo Ambassade de France

The Office for Science & Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States has many objectives among which, promoting bilateral partnerships in science, technology and innovation, and also increasing visibility of France's foremost laboratories, universities and start-ups. We are honored that our efforts to be involved in the scientific and innovation exchanges with foreign teams and to represent France's Academy and Research in Boston, have been acknowledged by this Office.

To learn more about this office:

Foundation of the House of Chemistry

Logo UFR biologie

The Foundation of the House of Chemistry is a recognized charity created in 1927 for the centenary of the late French chemist, biologist and politician Marcellin Berthelot. Its main objectives are to contribute to the advancement of Chemical Science in all its fields of application, and to maintain and manage a congress and seminary centre. This foundation is thrilled to support our project, and shares common values with our team and the iGEM competition.

To learn more about this fundation:

Crous de Paris Culture ActionS

Culture ActionS commission of the Crous (Centre Régionale des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) of Paris

Logo UFR biologie

Culture ActionS is a commission created by the Regional Center for Academic Works (Crous) to encourage, promote and support innovative projects and initiatives made by students in various areas such as culture, arts, sports, citizenship, volunteering, sciences and technology. Every region in France has a Crous and our project is supported by the Crous of Paris. We are proud to match their criteria and look forward to have a positive impact as the Culture ActionS is enabling us to promote synthetic biology and our project “SugaRevolution” in our Campus.

To learn more about it commission:

City of Aubervilliers

Town hall of Aubervilliers

Aubervilliers is the home town of two of our team members, Saniya Kari and Asmaa Foda. They were thrilled to support Saniya and Asmaa in their journey in the iGEM competition as it is a great opportunity for them to acquire new professional and interpersonal skills. As you could see on the website, Aubervilliers gives a great importance to its youth and provides them with many structures and devices for their fulfilment.

Integrated DNA technologies (IDT)

Logo of IDT

IDT is a provider of nucleic acid samples for biotechnology companies, academic, clinical and pharmaceutical research and development. Each year IDT provides free DNA synthesis to iGEM teams. We are grateful to be counted among the recipients of their kindness this year. The DNA samples they sent us were of precious help to create our parts for this project.

To learn more about IDT :

New England Biolabs (NEB)

Logo of NEB

NEB are the providers of various lab materials, tools and resources. Their main motto is “be inspired, drive discovery, stay genuine” . They were kind enough to offer us discounts for materials we ordered , and even free samples.

To learn more about NEB :

Macherey Nagel

Logo of Macherey Nagel

Macherey Nagel is a company specialised in providing lab materials for molecular biology, chromatography, water analysis, bioanalysis, medical diagnostic, rapid tests, filtration and extraction. As described in our notebook and in our protocols, the purification kit’s we used were provided by Macherey Nagel. They also offered us discounts on our orders.

To learn more about Macherey Nagel :



We are grateful for all the love and support we received from the individuals who donated to our crowdfunding platform on Leetchi. Thank you for believing in our project and helping us bring it to reality!

Special thanks go to: Frédérique Péronnet, Pierre Crozet, Marco Da Costa, Gilles Fischer, Sophie Louvet, Nadia Tadjine, Pauline Lagardère , Aurélie Bouin, Loudjair Mauvais, Ines Ladjal, Cynthia Bezier and many others who wish to remain anonymous.

If you would like to support us and become one of our sponsors : Suga[R]evolution

After the Giant Jamboree, we will meet again with our sponsor: FSDIE along with other sponsors and anybody interested in our project.

Stay tuned to learn more about that event !