Team:Sorbonne U Paris/Brainstorming


September 2017

Presentation of IGEM at Sorbonne Université : the iGEM UPMC 2017 and 2016 team presented at new master students of different fields the iGEM competition and their project. For the majority of the team it was the first time that we heard about the iGEM competition and synthetic biology

October 2017

The members of iGEM UPMC 2017 Team posted an announcement for the recruitment session on their Facebook page. During this meeting, Nadia Tadjine, Simon Morin, Sara Khalilian and Parisa Khalilian presented the iGEM competition. We started to know each other and discuss about our skills. The majority of the team came from master’s degree cellular and molecular biology.

November 2017

We started the brainstorming. During the different meetings, we made round tables where each person presented a project of his own. So after that we asked questions about the feasibility of the project. It was a stimulating time as everybody challenged the group ideas.

December 2017

After one month of brainstorming, we kept several idea of project : ⁃ Environmental project
⁃ Squalane
⁃ Diagnosis of theLyme disease
⁃ Production of anti-microbial peptides
We contacted experts to know the feasibility of the projects. Simon Morin and Nadia Tadjine helped us to ask the relevant questions about the feasibility, biosafety rules and innovative aspect as we look to further informations. They didn’t gave their opinion but they always gived us advices.

January 2018

We had the first meeting of the year with our supervisors: Frederique Peronnet , Marco Da Costa and Pierre Crozet. Frédérique Peronnet and Marco Da Costa supervised the creation of the first iGEM team at Sorbonne Université, three year ago. Pierre Crozet joined the iGEM adventure this year. His expertise of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and synthetic biology was a key in the developpement of our project.

February 2018

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March 2018

Victor Sayous, a PhD student joined the team. He shared with us his ideas about the production of sugar with Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii.

April 2018

Our final project was chosen. We created our social media network : Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

May 2018

We found a name for our project : Suga[R]evolution and we started Human practices brainstorming

June 2018

We started experiments.