Team:Sorbonne U Paris/Medals

Medal Fulfillment


All teams must convince the judges they have achieved each of the medal criteria: Bronze, Silver and Gold (from lowest to highest). iGEM competition does not limit the numbers of each medal. All teams can earn a medal. Teams are only competing with themselves to achieve the medal criteria. This page sum up our iGEM adventure and how we reached the medal criteria.

Bronze Igem medals

Bronze medal

#1 We successfully registered for the iGEM competition and attended the Giant Jamboree

#2 All the required competition deliverables :
- Team Wiki : We documented our project on our Wiki pages
- Poster and presentation at Giant Jamboree : Present a poster of our project and talk
- Judging form : We filled out our own judging form
- Safety form :We filled out all our own safety forms

#3 Project attribution :We are incredibly grateful for all the help we have received, and we have documented it on our Attributions page

#4 Characterisation/Contribution : We have participated in the Interlab Measurement study. Our results can be found on our interlab page.

Silver Igem  medals

Silver medal

#1 Validated Part : We successfully validated 2 new biobricks compatible with the Registy : BBa_K2703002 (pSAD inductible promoter) and BBa_K2703008 (paromycin resistance gene). We created and documented part page on the Regitry for the parts we make. We submit samples of our new part to the registry to help make the Registry better each year!

#2 Collaboration : We have significantly worked with 9 teams this year. You will find more details about our collaboration on collaboration page

#3 Human practices :At every step of our project, we have exchanged about it with the public and professionals, through recurrent meetings with our supervisors, various interviews, an online survey, and a conference. We have collected their opinions and pieces of advice to take all of these data into account to improve the relevance and the safety of our project. Throughout the year, we were constantly communicating about our project, the iGEM competition, and synthetic biology. We have reached a large public through different actions (conference, Science fair, pratical work, crees sales)

Igem Gold medals

Gold medal

#1 Integrated human practices : We gradually changed the focus of our project according to the interviews performed and went from producing sugar to building a tool to improve an uncommon chassis in synthetic biology . Our meetings have also given us current juridical knowledge and public opinion about GMOs. Concerning safety, very interesting alternative systems for the photobioreactor design such as biocontainment measures were brought out with all of the experts we met. All of our meetings were a very useful source of information for the definition of a relevant project and for the improvement of our photobioreactor safety.

#2 Improve a previous part or project: : To spread the use of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as green cell factory, we enriched the recently published Modular Cloning (Moclo) toolkit with a synthetic retrotransposon to generate in vivo continuous directed evolution. Directed evolution aims to identify beneficial mutations on a gene or a biosynthetic pathway.

#3 Model Your Project : We designed a genetic tool to enable for the first time in vivo directed evolution in microalgae, more particularly in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. We are generating libraries of mutants for the target gene directly inside the genome by using a synthetic retrotransposon. The optimization of the system for a given target sequence in a given host can be a tedious and expensive task. By modelling the size of the library from two “easy to get” parameters (directly from a 96-well microplate) we can calculate the libraries’ size for every variation of the synthetic retrotransposon constructs by following the Chlamydomonas MoClo kit. By automating the cloning and the library screening through modelling with an Opentron OT-2 (we ordered one!) we will be able to easily optimize and refine our system at a high-throughput scale!