Team:BJRS China/Acknowledgement



Liu Xinyu, a doctoral student at Peking University, provided us with basic training in synthetic biology technology and ideas modification, provided us with the platform of human practice, and also gave us many Suggestions on artistic design.

Chen Xinguang, a doctoral student at tsinghua university, provides us with experimental experience and corrections, and is responsible for our security work on the way.

Wang Xuan, our PI, led us to find information and made suggestions for our presentation, giving timely direction when we were in trouble.

Zhu Tianze, head of Bluepha (the industry we’ve visited) , has answered a lot of questions about biological fermentation.


We sincerely appreciate:

Beijing Normal University for providing the experimental site and instruments,
Chen Guoqiang Lab for providing the plasmids,
Peking University and Tsinghua University for providing the experimental instruments.