Team:BJRS China/Attributions



Project Design and Experiment

     With the help of our principle investigator, Wang Xuan and Wang Zhipeng, and our instructor, Liu Xinyu, etc., all team members have taken part in the project designing process.We conducted a wide range of information searches, including academic journals and reports from previous projects. All of our members are involved in laboratory experiments and project improvements, especially the key members of the experimental group. Sun Qifeng and Li Wanji are responsible for the part related to the laboratory experiment, and they guide different period of our project.


     Yang Liangjian is the leader of modeling group, who mainly focused on designing the modeling detail. Besides him, Cheng Boxuan also do a great many works in the modeling group, such as information searching, and adjusting the modeling application.

Human Practice

     Gao Lyufangzhao and Hu Jiaqi have organized a series of activities for popularizing synthetic biology and the visit to Bluepha, a industry that applies synthetic biology and bacteria engineering in fermentation. Every group member as Cheng Boxuan, Hu Jiaqi, Tao Siyuan, Liu Anzhu, Liu Mingyue and Sun Qifeng play a significant role in planning and organizing the activities and they all take took parts in different activities.

Wiki Construction

     Sun Qifeng, Yang Liangjian, and Liu Anzhu, who have learned the language of HTML and sorted out our projects and related work in limited time besides of our regular course, have been in charge of the Wiki construction together with other team members as Hu Jiaqi and so on. They have been paying attention to all corners of life, looking for areas to apply and materials to collect, and then uploaded to complete the whole project.

Graphic Design

     Liu Mingyue and Tao Siyuan have really done a great work in graphic and web design. They have made great efforts in designing our team logo, website, poster, banner and so on. And other person in design group as Gao Lyufangzhao, Hu Jiaqi, and Liu Anzhu, also gave out fantastic ideas of designing.

Attributions details

Gao Lyufangzhao, student leader of the team, is mainly responsible for human practice, and worked in experiments, art design, WeChat subscription writing and material collection. Participated in the presentation.
Cheng Boxuan, participated in the experiment, our parts and human practice, and mainly worked for the modeling group.
Hu Jiaqi is responsible for the operation of our WeChat subscription and several human practice subjects. And worked in previous experiments, along with wiki and art designing, also participated in the presentation.
Li Wanji is mainly responsible for experiments and participated in Human Practice investigation.
Liu Anzhu is in charge of editing the team wiki. Participated in the lab work, human practice investigation, art design and presentation.
Liu Mingyue Responsible for the design of home page of wiki and safety part. Participated in Human Practice investigation and experiments.
Sun Qifeng, is mainly responsible for experiments. Worked in editing wiki, searching for background information, and participated in Human Practice investigation.
Tao Siyuan,have designed and finished drawing our team logo.Wrote an article for the visit to the Bluepha, gave presentation to the public.Also took part in the experiment and Human Practice.
Yang Liangjian, participated in wiki editing and experiments.