Team:BJRS China/Judging Criteria


Judging Criteria


1. We have registered our team early in summer, and spent our summer vacation, along with weekends in September, to finish off our experiments, human practice, etc., and we are also planning to participate in the Giant Jamboree, presenting our project and enjoying the celebration of knowledge.
2.We had distributed a clear attribution in our wiki page, and have met all deliverable requirements.
3.We have built up our own wiki, clarifying and specifying all the works we’ve done.
4.We have designed our own poster, and prepared for the presentation that are both going to be presented at the jamboree.
5.We have finished and submitted our judging form in time.
6.We have successfully complete the InterLab Study, and the results have been admitted, while also being presented in our team wiki.


1.We have designed, built and experimentally validated 6 new and functional biobricks. They are: BBa_K2833003, BBa_K2833014, BBa_K2833017, BBa_K2833018, BBa_K2833022, BBa_K2833023 . We have submitted the data and to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.
2.17 new parts are submitted to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.
3.We have collaborated with BNU_China, sharing the laboratory and offering them help on the efficiency of bacteria growth. We also attended a high school team meeting in Beijing, presenting our project and discussing topics on biosafety. See more in our wiki page: collaboration.
4.Safety: Every member in our team have received professional safety training in labs before we started experimenting on our project. We listened to a discuss about biosafety and made some investigation about the policy of biosafety. See more in our wiki page: safety.
5. Human practice&public engagement:
    a.We have established our own WeChat subscription, launching questionnaires on genetically modified food and organizing a lecture facing our school mates.
    b.See more on our public engagement page.


1.Integrated human practice: We have visited a fermentation company and their laboratory along with fermentation tanks. We also interviewed them about the difficulties in fermentation and related them with our own project. See more on our Human Practices page
2.We have improved two previous parts. Firstly is the BBa_K523013, and we improved its surface display efficiency by adding a strong promoter.( BBa_K2833009). Secondly, we found that the sequence of VHb in BBa_K1321200 was different from the original VHb both in DNA and protein, so we wondered which VHb could be better. We constructed BBa_K2833022 and BBa_K2833023 with different promoters. See the results here: improve.
3.Model : We have conducted a model to predict the effect of VHb expressing and the gathering of oxygen by VHb on the growth rate of bacteria. See more in our wiki page: model.
4. Demonstration : We have demonstrated that our project can work as expected. See more in our wiki page: demonstrate.
And we get the GOLD MEDAL!