Team:BJRS China/Members



Cheng Boxuan

A senior high student with great interest in biology and iGEM. Responsible for school public lecture. Participated in lab experiments, parts editing, human practice, part of wiki and modeling.

Hu Jiaqi

A senior high student fairly interested in synthetic biology. Responsible for the operation of our WeChat subscription and several human practice subjects. And worked in previous experiments, along with wiki and art designing, also participated in the presentation.

Li Wanji

A high school student interested in laboratory science. Mainly responsible for experiments and participated in Human Practice investigation.

Liu Anzhu

A high school student focuses on wiki designing. Participated in the lab work, team wiki editing, human practice investigation, art design and presentation.

Liu Mingyue

A senior high school student. Responsible for the design of home page of wiki and safety part. Participated in Human Practice investigation and experiments.

Tao Siyuan

A high school student with outgoing personality. Designed our team logo. Wrote an article about the visit to the Bluepha, gave presentation to the public. Also took part in the experiment and Human Practice.

Sun Qifeng

A high school student with a strong interest in synthetic biology and experiment. Mainly responsible for experiments, editing wiki and writing background, and participated in Human Practice investigation.

Gao Lyufangzhao

A high school student interested in biology. Mainly responsible for human practice, and worked in experiments, art design, WeChat subscription writing and material collection. Participated in the presentation. Student leader of the team.

Yang Liangjian

A high school student skilled in information technology. Have taken the responsibility of modeling. Participated in wiki editing and experiments.