Team:BJRS China/Collaborations



Collaboration with team SHSBNU_China

   August 11th, 2018, our team’s modeling group studied the principle and basic techniques with team SHSBNU_China. We met online and communicated with each other on WeChat and voice calls. Both of our teams see this opportunity as meaningful, because we not only learned a lot about modeling and its significance, but we also gained valuable friendship with peers that have the same interest.

SHSBNU_China and BJRS_China

Collaboration with team BNU_China (and RDFZ_China)

  During the experiment period from the start of July till October, we shared the same laboratory with BNU_China and partly with RDFZ_China. Members from BNU are mostly undergraduates who have more experience and knowledge than us, and they taught and helped us a lot. Thanks to their patience and enthusiasm, we were able to adapt to the days in the lab quickly. After some times, we were able to help them with some basic operations that could save time and resources.
   VHb is used to improve the growth ability of the engineering bacteria in our project, and when we discussed it in the meeting room near the lab, it turned out that this information could be helpful to their (BNU) project, too. There is much space to improve. We were really glad that our ideas could be able to collide and work out something beneficial for both of our teams.
  In July, together with BNU_China, we finished our interlab experiment using the microplate reader offered by Peking. After that we discussed our data together, seeking a better way to modify the inaccurate part in our experiment, leading both our teams to a better state.

BNU_China and BJRS_China

Meeting with high school teams across Northern China

  On October 4th, five high school teams in Beijing met together at Beijing Foreign Studies University to give presentation, and to talk about all the projects together, along with a discussion on bio-safety issues. Our team presented our project, oxygenmax, and received compliments from the judges and teachers. They also pointed out some vital problems in our presentation, making it smoother for us to correct our false and presenting a better speech.
   In addition, we got a lot of skills and realized our flaws from others' presentation and the judges' evaluation on them. We believe that the other teams have a similar experience.
   Moreover, we harvested valuable friendship from iGEMers who have the same interest as we do. It was surely significant for the way ahead.

Northern China High school iGEMers' Meet-up