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Screening for Advantageous Mutants
— a Self-enrichment System

Bioengineering uses stable, highly productive mutants, target strains, which contain foreign genes. However, screening these mutants costs vast time and workforce, and it is difficult to avoid using antibiotics. We applies synthetic biology methods, constructing a novel pathway to screen mutants by giving target strains growth advantages. Here, utilizing AND gate, the gene of interest expresses to a certain level, making the downstream pchAB gene express and catalyze the generation of salicylic acid(SA). SA can activate the expression of glucose dehydrogenase, which gives the target strains an additional growth advantage. Besides, we integrate the most important control module of the system into the genome using Chemically Inducible Chromosomal Evolution(CIChE). In summary, the target strain will finally obtain the greatest growth advantage in bacterial suspensions and achieve screening internally. This new screening method is simple to operate and provides a new idea for antibiotic-free screening.

MUTATION-from natural to synthetic

Due to the genetic instability ,
plasmids are unstable in engineered bacteria.

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EXPRESSION- from burden to advantage

By linking growth factor with exogenous genes,
excess burden will become accelerations.

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ORIENTED DESIGN - from special to general

Constructing an editable open-circuit , we accomplished
a general method of no-antibiotics screening.

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MODELING-from analog to prognosis

The analysis of growth advantage and protein
co-expression enables us to forecast the
quantified results.

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- from theory to application

Interviews with top scientists and educational
programs help us to adjust our project more
practical and acceptable.

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FUTURE - from laboratory to the world

SAM system, an evolutionary innovation of molecular biology,
will not only improve the achievements in experiments,
but also the general life quality of mankind.