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1. We register the iGEM and Giant Jamboree, and we had a wonderful experience in this summer, see you at the Giant Jamboree!

2. Established our wiki.

3. Here are our submitted safety form and judging form.

4. We are going to show our poster and presentation in Giant Jamboree.

5. Created our attribution page and registry parts pages document every members’ attribution.

6. Successfully accomplished the Interlab measurement study and obtained accepted data.

7. Submitted successful BioBrick parts.


1. We successfully constructed a biological part, such as CI vector, satisfying the requirement of RFC 10, and testified its expected function.

2. We’ve enjoyed the collaboration with HBUT-China, UCAS-China, UESTC-China, OUC-China, ZGUT-China, HUST- China and Peking.

3. We reached out to our local communities and investigated the value of our work in our human practices work.


1. We have successfully accomplished an Integrated Human Practices. And through our Human Practices we through our project had potential to apply in the fermentation industry.

2. We improved the function of the part BBa_K 2717013, and made a new part .

3. Our work has been successfully demonstrated as we expected.

4. Successfully established a mathematic model which can mentor our experiment successfully and our mathematic model was optimized by our experiment result.