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We thank Prof. Zhu Xudong, Prof Yang Dong, Prof. Xiang Benqiong, Prof Li Sen, Chen Jinbo, Hao Xiaoran
for their important guidance on our project as well as detailed advice on our experiments,
which were very meaningful to our project and we appreciate them sincerely.


This project wouldn't be possible without Rong Nan, Li Chenxi and Xie Qiaohong’s help.
We also thank them for providing us assistance when we met difficulties.

Supporting iGEM Teams

For providing us some of the experiment data.
For helping us carried out our experiments using their plate reader.
For co-designing a calendar about synthetic biology as well as helping us repeat our experiment.
For enriching our human practice by providing us a comic book on synthetic biology Supporting Organizations.
For together establishing a collaboration program to produce a manifesto.
For helping us measuring the induction effect of emrR.

Supporting Organizations

Bluepha Lab
For giving us technical support on our experiments.
College of Life Science of Beijing Normal University
For offering us equipment to carry out our experiments.
FuXing Hospital, Capital University
For allowing us holding the interview with the doctors.

We also thank the country schools in Ningxia Province and Jiangxi Province
for welcoming us to propagate the knowledge of synthetic biology.

Technical and Theoretical Support

Prof. Ma Jianyin, Prof. Ye Huan, Prof. Xin Mingxiu, Dr. Li Teng, Technician Li Wanjie,
Technician Xi Chao, Liu Chang, Wang Lu, Wang Xuan.

Special thanks to:

Liu Xinyu, who helped broaden our thoughts as well as gave us the part containing VHb.
Wang Xuan, who gave us the plasmid containing the Crisper-Cas9 system.


We appreciated for the great support from College of Life Science and Liyun College, Beijing Normal University.