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Our project is to screen the high-producing bacteria strain based on the anti-degeneration gene circuit without antibiotics. Totally, we use three methods to achieve this goal. Respectively, we utilize the emrR gene, T7 RNA polymerase gene and CI gene as the core part of our system to screen the high-producing bacteria strain. In our circuit, only the bacteria strain which can produce more target products can stimulate the expression of the growth factor gdh. And then the high-producing bacteria strain will obtain the growth advantage. In contrast, in the low-producing bacteria, the level of the gdh gene expression is lower than that in the high-producing bacteria. Thus, the high-producing bacteria will grow faster than low-producing bacteria and the low-producing bacteria will be eliminated in the end. In this way, we successfully achieve the goal of screening the high-producing bacteria.

I. Safety Training in Lab

Before all the members of our experimental group entered the laboratory to start the experiment, all of our team members carefully read and signed the laboratory safety responsibility book. Everyone carefully understood the relevant regulations of the laboratory and ensured strict compliance with the laboratory. In the first month of the experiment, our advisor Nan conducted relevant supervision and guidance on our experiments and standardized the flow of the experimental operation. After one month, we organized a safe operation for the laboratory. The assessment is divided into two parts which contained theory and experimental operation, only the team members who meet the requirements can be allowed to enter the laboratory to do experiments, those who fail to meet the standards will continue to receive laboratory safety education until they meet the standards.

II. Organism Safety

Among our entire projects, the strains we have involved are E.coli K12 Top 10, E.coli MG1655, E.coli DH5α, E.coli Stbl3, E.coli BL21 (DE3), and S.cerevisiae EBY100. The strains all belong to Risk Group 1 and Safety Level 1, and there is no harm to the human body. And our laboratory has strict management systems and regulations for laboratory waste, which can ensure that the laboratory waste in the laboratory is properly treated. And our strains can be applied to industrial production on a large scale because they are not harmful to the environment, and the safety in the production process is highly guaranteed.

III. Experiment Safety

In the process of our team members' experiments, we require each of our team members to strictly abide by the experimental procedures, comply with the experimental regulations, pay attention to the protection of the instruments when using the equipment, and strictly carry out the relevant instruments in accordance with relevant regulations. Maintenance, such as: centrifuge, metal bath, shaker, etc., timely repair of the faulty instrument, at the same time, pay attention to its own protection during the experiment, wear laboratory clothes, gloves, goggles and other protective equipment in strict accordance with relevant regulations, food It is forbidden to bring water into the experimental area to ensure the safety of each of our team members during the experiment.