Team:Calgary/Medal Requirements -

2018 Jamboree Results

Our project was awarded a Gold Medal
and nominated for Best Software Tool!



Registration and Attendance

The team has registered for and will be attending the 2018 Giant Jamboree in Boston from October 24th-28th.

Competition Deliverables
  • Wiki
  • Poster
  • Presentation
  • Judging Form

Our project would not have been possible without the hard work of every member, mentor, and advisor. Check out our Attributions page for detailed information concerning the contributions of team members, mentors, and advisors.

Characterization / Contribution

Our InterLab page shows how our team participated in the InterLab study this year.


Validated Part / Contribution

We have created a parts collection (BBa_K2605000 to BBa_K2605004 and BBa_K2605009) for use in targeted gene integration and maintenance in eukaryotic cells. Each part in this collection has been verified with restriction enzymes and sequence confirmed for validity. See our Parts page for more information. BBa_K2605002 is our most characterized part.

Additionally, the dry lab team designed SARA, a software aggregating research tool to compile previous iGEM software for easy cataloging and access. See our Software page for more details.


In addition to hosting the 2018 aGEM meetup, we worked with the NDC-HighRiverAB iGEM team, Queens Canada iGEM team, and the Lethbridge iGEM team on collaborations. See our Collaborations page for more details.

Human Practices

Our team carefully considered the social impact of our actions by identifying and discussing potential ethical issues with our mentors. Additionally, we emphasized outreach to researchers, students, and adults in the community to engage a discussion about synthetic biology. See our Human Practices page for more details.


Integrated Human Practices

The integration of expert feedback played a major role in informing a pivot from gene therapy towards a research-oriented gene integration platform. Discourse involving bio-ethicists, researchers, university faculty, and spiritual thought leaders all contributed to the re-working of our initial plans to create a project that better suits the community's needs. See our Human Practices page for more details.

Improve a Previous Part / Project

Part BBa_K747096 was improved by the addition of a SalI restriction site upstream of the promotor. This new part, BBa_K2605001, is built to be compatible with our Multiple Cloning Site. See our Improved Part page for more details.


Modeling was used to inform the design of the fluid-feeding reservoir on the droplet formation module. COMSOL was used to model the path of the fluid flow within the inlets on the acrylic reservoir to ensure uniform flow rate across the outlets. See our Modelling page for more details.