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IB Synthetic Biology and Research Applications

This lesson plan includes five units - four for standard-level IB students and one for higher-level IB students. Although this curriculum plan provides only an outline of the topics which should be covered in class, it showcases a variety of topics pertinent to synthetic biology right now and serves as a great framework to build upon.

Unit 1: Synthetic Biology - An Overview

  1. What is Synthetic Biology?
  2. Creating gene circuits/pathways and analyzing their parts
  3. Interdisciplinary approach to synthetic biology: bioinformatics, software, and engineering
  4. Importance of Public outreach and communication
  5. Future applications of biology and biotechnology

Unit 2: Bioethics and Research

  1. What is bioethics?
  2. Ethical restrictions on research
  3. Ethics analysis and assessment
  4. Biosafety and Biosecurity - the control of biological material
  5. Case Studies on past ethical problems

Unit 3: Medical Applications

  1. Biomarkers: production, recognition, and utilization
  2. Reporters: Genes, aptamers
  3. Detection of pathogens and mutants
  4. Gene therapy: insertions/deletions, insulators, enhancers
  5. Stem cells and gene engineering
  6. Engineering the microbiome: prokaryotic medicine

Unit 4: Building a Better World

  1. Food and Nutrition: cryoprotection, nutrient production
  2. Environment: Crop yield and ecosystem health
  3. Biosensors and bioremediation
  4. Electricity production
  5. Space tools, carbon utilization, and synthetic tissues

Unit 5: Biological tools and techniques

  1. CRISPR: origin, applications, modifications
  2. PCRs, gels, and blots
  3. Bacterial growth and manipulation
  4. Genome sequencing
  5. NCBI and other research databases
  6. Protein analysis
  7. Sequence analysis