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Pupils classroom

Our team member are teaching elementary school students about genes and proteins.

By DLUT_China HP group June 2018
In order to expand the influence of the team and introduce synthetic biology,We came to Dalian Xianglujiao Primary School.A special interactive classroom for primary school students start here.
In the classroom, the students were very enthusiastic and actively asked questions, showing a strong curiosity about biological issues such as genes\proteins. What is protein? Where is the protein in our body? What is an enzyme? How much does the enzyme work in our body?
During this class, we introduced the role of protein to elementary school students. Humans have genes, that is, DNA, and then they have proteins. Many of the functions in the human body are proteins that work, especially enzymes. Later, we introduced the formation mechanism and harm of hyperuricemia / gout and told them about prevention measures. Our work is to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood through enzymes.
Through this special lesson, the children have a new understanding of the function of the substance in the human body, and also know the importance of nutritional balance in life.
Like a blank paper , they had never touched biological knowledge.Our publicity and education be very successful and effective.Children curiosity also deeply infects us and strengthens our confidence.

Carnival at the campus culture festival

Vestibulum molestie porttitor sem, iaculis mattis neque varius interdum.By DLUT_China HP group May 2018
At the campus culture festival of Dalian University of Technology,we broadcast IGEM program introduction videos and distributed flyers.In addition, we organized a number of events to attract people and expand team influence.
A " Knowledge contest ": We selected relevant questions about synthetic biology and hyperuricemia and held a knowledge contest which attracted many biological enthusiasts ranging from primary school students to senior citizens, therefore ,more people pay attention to synthetic biology and fall in love with it
B “Questionnaire”: Taking gout as an example, we designed a questionnaire to investigating the general public's understanding of hyperuricemia / gout. In the end, we recycled more than 200 valid questionnaires.
C "Do you know bacteria? ": There are all kinds of microorganisms around us.With disposable culture dishes of different sizes, we allowed people to print things such as keys, mobile phone cases, and palms on the culture dish and bring them home to cultivate them so that they can visually know how many microbes are around you. During the event, visitors were eager to try and learned that not all microbes are harmful to the human body, and they have a new understanding of the biology profession.
D "Microscopic world": It is well known that organisms include plant, animal and microorganisms. In order to give people a deeper understanding of biology, we have collected a number of permanent sections such as plant tissue sections, microbial sections, etc. what’s more, we provided microscopes for public observation. Many pupils at the scene were amazed at the world displayed in the microscope and showed great interest in biology. In this case everyone can feel the charm of the micro world.
This publicity has expanded the public's understanding of biology and synthetic biology, and greatly increased the attention of the team. People not only recognize the coexistence of harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria in the environment, but also have a deeper understanding of beneficial microorganisms and intestinal flora in the human body. "Then I have to stop drinking beer regularly " said an old uncle at the scene.

Expert interview

Lizhao Liu

Our team members are listening to doctor liu li zhao's lecture on the clinical treatment of hyperglycemic acid.By DLUT_China HP group August 2018
We came to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University to interview Lizhao Liu, a doctor who is responsible for the gout clinic in endocrinology. Dr. Liu has been practicing medicine for many years in Hospital,thus he has a deeper understanding of common endocrine diseases and frequently-occurring diseases. He has been a specialist in gout specialist clinics for many years and has extensive experience in the treatment of metabolic diseases such as hyperuricemia
After an afternoon of exchange study, we have a deeper understanding of hyperuricemia. Dr. Liu stressed that hyperuricemia is a metabolic disease. Actually, once the blood uric acid concentration in the body exceeds the standard, it is necessary to continue taking the drug to control the uric acid concentration to a normal level. It can be said to be a "lifetime disease." While many patients take medicine to control blood uric acid levels, on the one hand, they are ignoring the health effects of high uric acid. On the other hand, they are unable to adhere to continuous medication. As a result, hyperuricemia recurs many times, eventually leading to gout and other metabolic diseases, which affect the health and life of patients. At the same time, because of the side effects of hyperuricemia drugs, there is an urgent need for a treatment that treats hyperuricemia with fewer side effects.
In contrast, our team uses probiotics to coexist with the intestinal flora in patients. Once the UA concentration exceeds the standard, UOX will be expressed in the intestine and used to decompose uric acid and lower blood uric acid levels. Most importantly, with this probiotic therapy, patients need to take this probiotic supplement drink only once, benefit for life without being afflicted with the drug.

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