Team:Grenoble-Alpes/Human Practices

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Our project must be useful to the society. It needs to be realized in a safe environment and it also needs to respect some ethical concepts that we will describe later.

This project should only be a scientific challenge but also a technical answer to a real and harmful issue.

Before choosing our project, the team reflected on the importance of the problems we needed to answer and the way we would propose an ethically sustainable solution.

Our project needs to be ethically justified. However, the team alone is not capable of understanding everything at stake in this issue. We decided to meet with doctors and patients to verify if our system could be used in a hospital or a laboratory.

In addition of the experts, citizens have to be able to criticize our project. Our community needs to be aware of the project and provide feedback. For this, we participated in numerous events to popularize and debate on the project. At last, we have to answer to some issues without creating new ones. The environment, the patients and the users of our system must not be subjected to any risks.