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The phage therapy and bacteriophages are a serious alternative at antibiotics that are less and less efficient against bacterium that is why there are often used in iGEM competition to solve problems. At this occasion, iGEM Grenoble-Alpes worked with two teams, iGEM Nottingham and iGEM LMU & TU Munich.

Collaboration with iGEM Nottingham:

iGEM Nottingham developped the Clostridium dTOX project. The goal was to use phages to avoid the toxicity of a bacterium which causes diarrheas in hospital sector. iGEM Grenoble-Alpes collaborated with them on the phages/bacteria interaction modeling.

Working with Nottingham on the study of the toxin released by bacteria depending on the strain (C.difficile, C.jejuni), on the initial bacteria and phages quantities and on the analysis delay helped us implementing our own modeling.

Collaboration with iGEM LMU & TU Munich:

We worked with T5 phages and their host E. coli F during our experiments. To help the iGEM team in their Phactory project, we sent them T5 bacteriophages (at around 108 pfu/mL) and freeze-dried E.coli F !