Team:HKJS S/Attributions


We have been very successful so far in this experiment. We have assembled the construct from 5 separate gene fragments to encode the nitrogenase. Without the efforts of all of them below, we would never have reached this far.

Special thanks to :

General support

§  Mr. Sze-Ho Ng, the Primary Pi, who have helped us during brainstorming provided support and advice.

§  Dr. Tsz-yeung WONG, the instructor of our team, who assisted us in project design and experiment operation.

Lab & Difficult technique Support

§  Special thanks to Prof. Chi-Wai Chan for providing us the lab and allow us to gain access to all the resources we need.

§  Special thanks to Mr. Man-chun Cheung for the long hours he spent supervising us in the lab and his valuable help throughout the project.

§   Special thanks to Mr. Ka-Chun Ng for his support and advice in lab.

§ Special thanks to Mr. Hin-Wo Yeung for his support and advice in lab.

§  The University of Hong Kong, for their support in the competition.

Project support and advice

§  Special thanks to Mr Danson Shek Chun, Loi for his advice during the early stage of brainstorming.

Human Practices Support

§  Thanks to Ms Man-Wai Lai Katherine for her assist and support in the impact report, spending hours to guide and help us as the Human Practice Advisor.

Wiki Support

§  Thank you Mr Lok-Hin Wong who have helped us with programming language and design for the iGEM team's Wiki.


§  Integrated DNA Technology, Inc. (IDT)

§  Desmos

§  Matlab By The MathWorks

§  St. Stephen’s College

§  Carmel Pak U Secondary School