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SynBio Journal Club

SynBio Journal Club

    Synthetic Biology Journal Club : While we were doing multiple things like the wet lab project ADaPtat1on, Software project ChassiDex and the language project, we realised we, as a team, were lacking something. IIT Madras has a huge population of students pursuing PhD and Mtech/ MS. Yet there is very little discussion with PGs and UGs regarding science.

    Dr. Karthik Raman1 realised this need too and to promote a platform for discussion about science and synthetic biology we, along with Dr Raman, initiated the Journal Club. The goal of this journal club is to promote discussion about research , specifically about synthetic biology and to foster an interest in research in the undergraduates. We have had two sessions so far and hope to make it a pan-institute discussion. In the first session, Dr Raman instructed us on how the Journal club should work, and how we can have knowledgeable discussions. In the second session, our team member Mousami presented on "Engineering microbes to sense and eradicate Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a human pathogen." (Saeidi N et all. 2011). We had a fruitful discussion about quorum sensing and also ventured into the areas of structural biology and metabolic energy. Students pursing their PhD and MS as well as undergraduates attended this event.

    We plan to hold these sessions once every two weeks. We also plan to create a Medium account for the Journal Club and document the summary of the paper presented along with any improvements that can be done.

    First session inaugarated by Prof. Karthik Raman

    A session in progress


Dr Karthik Raman is an Associate professor at IIT Madras, and a coordinator for Initiative for Biological Systems Engineering, IIT Madras. His research interest includes In silico metabolic engineering,Theoretical investigations of biological networks and Biological data analysis.