Team:Jilin China/Attributions



  • Support

    Our project could finish only with helps from others. We really appreciate their kindness. Without specific explanation, all the people referred are from School of Life Sciences, Jilin University.

    General Support

    We really appreciate Jilin University, School of Life Sciences and National Engineering Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine for their support in the iGEM competition.

    We sincerely showing graititude to Office of Undergraduate Education and Office of Global Engagement for their enormous help.

    Thanks our instructors, Ali Hou and Yang Zhan, and advisor Jin Liu for giving us the constructive suggestions and meticulous guidance to our project.

    Thanks our Coordinator of International Affairs Siyu Zhou for correcting our English writting on Wiki.

    We're truly grateful for Gatekeeper of our Life Science Building, who is most respectable, amiable and kind.

    Technique Support

    Ph.D candidate Xiangzhi Zeng taght us how to make construction using Golden Gate Assembly method.

    Senior Engineer Tiejun Gu taught us how to use apparatus we need in experiment.

    Ph.D candidate Hongyan Xia from Translational Cancer Research lab taught us the use of the plate reader.

    Senior Engineer Aijun Zhang from Core Facilities for life science and Master Lin Zhou taught us the use of the multifunctional plate reader.

    Ph.D candidate Chu Wang guided us PCR technique.

    Ph.D candidate Fan Wu guided us ultrasonic wave cleaving cells.

    Material and Apparatus Support

    Dr. Xinghong Zhao ordered reagents for us.

    Dr. Yubin Ge provided us a plate reader.

    Dr. Haifeng Tang from National Biological Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center, Jilin University, provided us a PCR instrument.

    Ph.D candidate Hongyan Xia provided us Taq enzyme, dNTP mixture and 10x buffer.

    Ph.D candidates Liyan Song and Hongge Wang provided us PBS Buffer, micropipettor and thermostatic shaker.

    Ph.D candidate Rui Zhu provided multiple help on experiment instruments.

    Master JiaoJiao Nie provided us thermostatic shaker.

    Wan Lab provided us thermostatic shaker and steam sterilizer.

    Master Jie Guo provided us a tube of Trans5α Chemically Competent Cell.

    Xiang Lab provided us ice maker.

    Model Support

    Ph.D candidate Haotian Guo from INSERM gave us valuable suggestion about our modeling.

    Associate Pro.Zouyong Kui and Associate Pro.Chunlin Cao provided guidness on curve fitting.

    Associate Pro.Yonggui Fu provided advice to our modeling.

    Wiki Support

    All codes were finished by our teammates.

  • Team Accomplishment

    Thanks for every team member's ideas in brainstorm. We designed the project together. Dr. Ali Hou, Dr. Yang Zhan and Ph.D candidate Jin Liu provide constructive suggestions to our project. Our team was responsible for all aspects of running the team. Here are some details of attribution:

    Sequence Design

    Xianbo Chen and Zhijie Gu designed the sequence of the CspA mRNA thermosensors, Jiangjiao Mao designed the sequence of the thermosensors based on the RNA thermometers, Jiangjiao Maoand Fangqi Liu designed the sequence of the thermosensors based on theRNase E and Fangqi Liu designed the sequence of the thermosensors based one the RNase III.

    Goldengate Assembly

    Done by Jiangjiao Mao, Shuting Zheng, Haimeng Yu and Cenrong Wang.

    Fluorescence Measurement

    Done by Zihao Wang, Fangqi Liu, Xutong Liu, Zhijie Gu, Xianbo Chen and Yu Ma. They finished the experiments day and night.


    Done by Hetian Yuan, Ruochen Chai and Rongzhen Yu.

    InterLab Study

    Jiangjiao Mao performed the calibration measurement. Zihao Wang, Ruochen Chai and Hetian Yuan performed the cell measurement. Fangqi Liu and Xutong Liu performed the CFU counts.

    Biobrick Construction

    Hetian Yuan, Ruochen Chai and Rongzhen Yu construct the standard BioBricks.

    Human Practices

    Hetian Yuan, Ruochen Chai and Rongzhen Yu designed our human practice work and coordinated and planned various HP activities. Besides, all of the team member participated the activities and gained a lot.


    Done by Rongzhen Yu.

    Art Design

    Done by Rongzhen Yu.

  • Human Practices

    Acadamic Winter School

    Thanks Dr.Yan Chen, Dr.Ali Hou and Dr.Yang Zhan for supporting us conduct the iGEM winter school.

    Zihao Wang, Zihan Lu, Ming Han, Zhongqiao Gan, Huadong Xing, Shuai Wang, Jin Liu and Letian Bao taught cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, genetic engineering, document retrieval, mathematical modeling and web authoring.


    Thanks for Mr Qu Baofeng, manager of STEM center in United Experimental School of AHSJU (Affiliated High School Jilin University) and Livon, for providing its STEM platform for us to teach students.

    Thanks for Ms Jingjing Yang, biology teacher in United Experimental School of AHSJU and Livon, for providing us advice for the teaching in junior high school.

    Ms Ma and Ms Wang in United Experimental School of AHSJU and Livon provided us the chance to communicate with the primary school students in Changchun.

    Mr Wang and Ms Ji in United Experimental School of AHSJU and Livon provides us the chance to give courses to the junior high school students.

    We really appreciate all the teachers, students and parents who participated in our activities!!! We can’t finish our EPE subject without them!


    Thanks to the TEDx club of Jilin University for offering us chances to held an TEDx event.

  • Sponsor

    We really appreciate JIAXING TAIMEI TECHNOLOGY for sponsoring us.

    Introduction of TAIMEI:

    As a leading technology solution provider in the field of life sciences, Taimei Technology is dedicated to propel biopharmaceutical industry development through state-of-the-art information technology, with focus in the field of clinical research and pharmacovigilance.

    Taimei Technology provides the cloud platform for seamless clinical research collaboration between sponsors, sites, CROs, patients, regulatory agencies and third-party providers. On the foundation of our platform are 6 technology-enabled solutions encompassing data management, project management, electronic regulatory submission, central medical imaging, pharmacovigilance, and drug logistics. With biopharma industry drug development pain points in mind, Taimei Technology is dedicated to improving R&D quality and efficiency for accelerating innovation time-to-market while reducing costs.

  • Other Works

    Gene sequencing was done by Comate Bioscience Co. Ltd.

    Gene synthesis was done by Genscript Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

    The reagents we used in our lab was bought from NEB, Takara, Transgen, Tiangen, etc.