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Bronze Sliver Gold

For Judgement

  • Bronze Medal (All are met)

    1. Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance ✓

    We have registered for iGEM. We have a great time in iGEM season, and will attend the Giant Jamboree to present our project.

    2. Competition Deliverables ✓

    We have built our wiki page, and delivered judging form. Additionally, we will show our poster and presentation during Giant Jamboree.

    3. Attributions ✓

    We have completed the Attribution page.

    4. Characterization/Contribution ✓

    This year, we have participated the InterLab study, and successfully completed the measurement. Details can be found in InterLab page.

  • Silver Medal (All are met)

    1. Validated Part ✓

    We added in total of 98 parts in parts registry, including 91 basic parts and 7 composite parts. We have clearly documented the experimental characterization on the registry, and shipped these samples by following all of the DNA submission requirements and shipping guidelines. You can see the part content on Parts Overview page, and the safety in shipment on Safety page.

    2. Collaboration ✓

    We had some meaningful collaboration with Fudan-CHINA, NPU-China, NEU_China_A, TUST_China, XJTU-China and ShanghaiTech team. They really helped us a lot, and we also gave a hand to them. Our works were documented on Collaboration page.

    3. Human Practices ✓

    This year, we have done a lot of human practices work, including professor interviews, company & factory visits, survey analysis, laws learning and etc. Besides, we communicated with iGEM community through meet-ups. We have also done many education and public engagement activities to make the NEXT GENERATION involve in synthetic biology. We have documented these work in four pages, which are Integrated HP page, Engagement page, Safety page and Meetup page.

  • Gold medal (All are met)

    1. Integrated Human Practices ✓

    We already have expanded our silver HP to integrated HP activities. We focused on how we change the world and how world impact us. By doing the integrated HP activities, we have updated our SynRT toolkit from version 1.0 to 3.0 and designed decade work flow as a guide for project development. Moreover, our modeling work helped convince our SynRT toolkit beneficial to economic and environment.You can explore more in our Integrated HP page, Overview page and Thermo Loss page.

    2. Improve a Previous Part ✓

    We have created a new BioBrick part -- sfGFP_optimism (BBa_K2541400) which removed the BbsI site and had a functional improvement upon an existing superfolder GFP (BBa_I746916). We have clearly documented the experimental characterization on the registry page for both the existing and new parts. You can visit Improvement page for more details.

    3. Model Your Project ✓

    This year, we built the Curve Fitting Model and the Thermosensor Screening System. The models impacted our project design by computing the melting temperature, relative intensity and sensitivity of thermosensors and decreasing the undesirable thermosensors. We have documented on Model page.

    4. Demonstration of Your Work ✓

    This year, we aimed to develop a SynRT Toolkit for users. Until now, we demonstrated all these four types of RNA-based thermosensors can sense different temperatures. The features of thermosensors can be computed from fitted curve. And the SynRT Toolkit is developed and updated to version 3.0. For more details, you can visit Demonstration page. Our system complies with all rules and regulations approved by the iGEM Safety Committee, and we have documented in Safety page.