Team:Jilin China/Team




  • Ali Hou

    Primary PI

    Ali Hou is the primary PI of Jilin_China team with rich experience. He is a kind teacher in daily life like our brother. Generally, he gave us guidance in experiments and human practices. We all like him. He teaches us to be more professional and earnest, which makes our team better and better.


  • Yang Zhan

    Secondary PI

    Yang Zhan is the secondary PI of Jilin_China team. There is a good news for her that she becomes a mother this year. Nevertheless, she is very care about our team and give us a lot suggestions.


  • Hui Wu


    Hui Wu is the instructor of Jilin_China team. She always smiles which makes us optimistic to our project. She helps us a lot no matter in our experiments or our presentation.

  • Yaming Shan


    Yaming Shan is the instructor of Jilin_China team. This year he is a guidance counselor to help us work better. He is very affable in life. He always brings us laughter in our lab life.


  • Yan Chen

    Primary Advisor

    Yan Chen is a professor and vice dean of School of Life Sciences in Jilin University. She is the primary advisor and safety consultant of our team, and give us lots of suggestions.

  • Xinghong Zhao

    Technical Advisor

    Xinghong Zhao, from the National Engineering Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine, School of Life Sciences, Jilin University, provided relevant experimental equipment to us.

  • Jin Liu

    Project Advisor

    Jin Liu is the advisor of Team Jilin_China. This year, he mainly in charge of the design of the project and experiment, trained member students in the experimental techniques needed for complete this project

  • Zhongqiao Gan

    Training Advisor

    Zhongqiao Gan is a student adviser in our team this year. He makes much contributed to our brainstorming. When we started our brainstorming, he was with us and guided us to a right direction.

  • Huadong Xing

    Training Advisor

    Huadong Xing is a senior student from school of life science in Jilin University. Last year, he joined the iGEM competition as a student member. Because of his passion, he decided to be a student adviser of 2018 Jilin_China team. He help us much in wiki.


  • Zihao Wang

    Team Leader

    I'm a junior majoring in pharmacy engineering, and the student leader of Jilin_China. This is the my second year as a member of iGEM. Outside of lab, I enjoy movies, singing, Gundam, Evangelion, etc. I am most interest in medicine and computer science, and I'm ready to pursue a Ph.D in molecular medicine.

  • Xianbo Chen

    Project Designer

    Hi! I'm a senior majoring in phamaceutical engineerng at Jilin University. My research interests are biophysics and quantitative biology. This year, my main work in our team is project design and fluorescence measurement. I like swimming and playing basketball. The words what i like mostly is," Don't let the world affect your idealism. No matter, how impractical or crazy dreams you have just stick to that."

  • Jiangjiao Mao

    Project Designer

    Ciao~ iGEMers. I am Maojiangjiao, a senior student majoring in biotechnology. This year, I am responsible for design and experiment. I like swimming, reading and painting which make me calm. Enjoying science! It is my pleasure to see you.

  • Shuting Zheng


    I’m Shuting Zheng, a senior student major in phamaceutical engineering. I take charge of experiment in our team. iGEM is a very charming and attractive competiiton. And our team Jilin_China is a young and energetic team. I am looking forward to meeting all iGEMers in GIANT JAMBOREE.

  • Fangqi Liu

    Project Designer

    Aloha~ I'm Fangqi Liu, a junior majoring in Biotechnology. In our team I'm responsible for the project design and the measurement. I'm excited that our project contains my idea. And I'm the original designer of the cold-repressible thermosensor. Outside of iGEM, I love drinking pepsi which makes me happy. By the way, I'm always ready for an adventure.

  • Zhijie Gu

    Project designer

    Halo~I'm Allen and study in the Biopharmacy,acting as an experimenter and designer this year. Snapgene and Tecan infinite 200® PRO are my best partners, while I always feel angry toward Costar 96-well plate at 2a.m. I love Queen best and always enjoy their music during experiment time. Watching Ricky and Morty is my most relaxing time at lab, meanwhile I meet my favorite line "Rise above. Focus on science"

  • Cenrong Wang


    Hello~ My name is Regina, a junior majoring in biotechnology. In our team, I am mainly responsible for the experiments. Sometimes I participate in some human practice. Publishing essays in our WeChat Official Account is also my task. At last, I hope I can make friends with you guys!

  • Hetian Yuan

    HP Designer

    I’m Hetian Yuan, from College of Life Sciences in JLU. It is a great honor and fortune to be an iGEMer. I am responsible for Human Practices and took part in some of the experiments. I believe that science has the ability to change this world.

  • Haotian Yin


    Hello everyone, I am Haotian Yin, a junior student from college of mathematics majoring in Computational Mathematics. In our project, I am responsible for modelling design and programming. I am a girl with exuberant curiosity and is always interested in developing “weird” algorithms in mathematical ways to solve problems. I am also a vibrant and outgoing young girl with broad hobbies like playing flute and table tennis. I hope I can make progress on Statistics and Algorithm in the future.

  • Xinli Jing


    I am Xinli Jing, a junior majoring in computer science. As one of the few non-bio students, I am learning new things in the wet lab while spending the rest of time staring at my laptop ploting and trying to implement the complicated model that comes with all of our many parts. In my free time, I love to watch movies with my friends.

  • Ruochen Chai

    HP Designer

    Hi, guys! My name is Ruochen Chai from College of Life Sciences in Jilin University. I participated in HP activities and improvement experiment this year. Being an iGEMer for the first time, I explored a new biology world. Besides, I feel really lucky to make friends with my teammates. Love you, Jilin_China!

  • Rongzhen Yu

    Art Designer

    Hi, guys. I'm Rongzhen Yu, a Junior of School of Life Science who undertook wiki design, EPE design and some experimental works, which turned me into a multitasking team member. Photographing are one of my favorites. Recording pieces of life in iGEM laboratory is my favorite!

  • Yu Ma


    Hi,I am Yu Ma,the youngest team member of Jilin_China.😋 I am a sophister majoring in bioscience.In our team,I am a member of measurement part and in charge of logistical support.I also participated in Human practise.I used to be a procrastinating person.But after so many days of measurement overnight,I have been good at staying up to late.

  • Haimeng Yu


    Hello,I am Haimeng Yu,a junior majoring in biotechnology. In our team, I am mainly responsible for the experiments. And have you ever seen essays in our WeChat Official Account?Some of them were just witten by me~Looking forward to meet you later!

  • Xutong Liu


    Hi~I' m Xutong Liu, a junior student who majoring in biotechnology. This year I am mainly responsible for the art part and the measurement.And as the director produced this year's video.I like music and am good at playing the piano.I have a word that I like very much to share with everyone:Life may mean taking changes, but they're worth taking!

  • Yuqing Liu


    Hello~ My name is Zero, a sophomore majoring in bioscience. In our team, I mainly help with the experiments. Sometimes I participate in some human practice.Each group who needs help can call me.Anyway,I learned a lot.Honored to attend iGEM.Hornored to make friends with you.