The Internet Of Biothings

Imagine that you could track what your eyes can't see. Virus, allergens, toxins, odors...

Imagine that you could choose wether to give a walk in a field of wonderfull scents or avoid the evil virus that hides behind the corner.

This is our project, the so called Internet of Biothings.


Learn about our technology

We have built the bridge between aptamers, microfluidics and electrochemical measurements, enabling future igemmers to explore a new field of specific molecule detection.


From the chip, to the cloud

The milestones of our device are automating and giving accurate measurements of protein levels. To accomplish this, we have integrated into our Hardware four different systems that work together to bring this measures from the microfluidic chip to the final user via the mobile app.

The final device

A new tool for aptamer discovery

For the first time in iGEM, we bring to the community a complete workflow for aptamer discovery, characterization and measurement. Inspiring ourselves in the DIYBio movement, we have developed an affordable alternative to the traditional methods based on 3D printed nitrocellulose columns.