Meet The Team


Francisco Javier Quero Lombardero

Student Leader
Major: Biology Degree (UCM)

Buenos días hermosos! I'm Fran. One year ago I started this madness with some of the crazy guys in this page. It could not have been more educational and fun.

Personally, I have always found myself learning new things and creating new gizmos. It doesn't matter whether they are based on genetics, electronics or mechanics. With time and curiosity, anyone could learn anything. My particular motivation was always facing new challenges and learning during the process of solving it, giving all my effort into everything I put my mind to. The reward was always watching my petite creations saying "Hello world!". Participating at iGEM was just an extension of this.

Finally, I just want to say how glad I feel of having found the ones who have stayed with me throughout this whole year. I hope that our work as the first team of our city serves as guidance for the future generations of Madrid iGEM Teams.

Hobbies: Working 25 hours a day, eating air, sleeping with my cat, dreaming about conquering our filthy piece of universe.


Laura Armero Hernández

Student Member
Major: Pharmacy (UCM)

Hello guys! I’m Laura and I barely can believe this crazy year is finally ending.

I’ve always been nervous and feel the need to have something in my hands, so working in the lab just came naturally to me. I treasure these past months of hard work not only because of all I have learnt but I also got the chance to work with some of the persons I now respect the most.

I hope you will fall in love with the project, just like I did when we first sketch it.

Hobbies: Bollywood, looking at cat and hedgehog videos, riding my bike and reading.


Rodrigo Hernandez Cifuentes

Major: Mechanical engineer (UPM)

Greetings everyone. Working as an instructor with the iGEM Madrid team will be unforgettable. (Sorry, I am getting romantic).

As a Mechanical Aerospace Engineer, facing new issues in relation to microdevices design and integration has been astonishing. I believe that biosensors constitute the most promising and exciting field of the upcoming near future. Yet there are many features to implement and to push forward, as device automation or replicability of results, for instance.

Hobbies: Cohiba, Baudrillard, Hegel, Nietzsche, Tensor Calculus, Gravitation, QFT, Space, Industrial, Megadrive, 日本.


Iván Martín Hernández

Student Member
Major: Biotechnology (UPM)

Hey guys, I'm Ivan! I am a computational biotechnologist. I have been working on protein and aptamer structure prediction, and on the "in silico" improvement of the aptamer obtained in the laboratory. Also, I am in charge of the construction of the Wiki that you are reading.

I am the kind of person who gets bored doing the same thing over and over again. So, when I heard about the project and the multidisciplinary spirit of iGEM, I thought "this is my opportunity". Here, we have the challenge of doing everything by ourselves, so each day is unique and each day gives us the opportunity to learn from the other people of the team; and this is the real motivation to continue day after day with these colleagues I now call friends.

Hobbies: Traditional skate Hockey, reading, computer games and any good plan with friends.


Borja Sánchez Clemente

Student Member
Major: Biomedical engineering (UC3M)

Hello, everyone! My name is Borja and I am a bioengineer who has worked on the data acquisition and signal processing of the detection system of our biosensor.

I wanted to be part of the first iGEM team in Madrid in order to bring innovative spirits to the student community in the area. Alongside, iGEM gave me the chance to work from scratch on a promising project led 100 % by students and put the knowledge I gained for the past few years to the test. And of course, becoming an iGEMer is the best way to get to know other synbio geeks around the world! How could I miss out on that?

Hobbies: wheelchair basketball, dark humor, chess-boxing, procrastination, dark humor, staring at people for no reason, beer pong.


Ignacio Albert Smet

Student Member
Major: Biomedical engineering (UC3M)

Hey there! I'm Ignacio, a Biomedical Engineer in charge of signal processing and acquisition. I've been working on the development of an initial optical prototype and treatment of the signals from the sensors.

I joined the iGEM Madrid team because it gave me an opportunity to socialize and compete through science and progress. The multidisciplinary iGEM project we have at hand is being a fun-tastic opportunity to put in practice the skills from my undergraduate years, which I hope we can apply to successfully engineer something meaningful and worthy. It also a great opportunity to spend the summer among friends and meet amazing people globally!

Hobbies: Snowboarding, martial arts, enjoying landscapes and gastronomy, and discussing politics.


Guillermo Fernández Rodríguez

Major: Biology (Sevilla)

Hi everyone! I am Guille, one of the instructors of the team. I am a Biologist from Seville with a master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology.

I contacted with the colleagues months ago because they were looking for a Molecular Biologist who could help with the project in the lab. When I found out about the project, I decided to go to Madrid at the begining of July. It was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life!

I had previous experience working as a researcher, but this was on another level! iGEM experience allowed us to work in our own research group. It was such a wonderful experience thanks to all I have learnt and all the amazing people I have met.

Hobbies: Music, play guitar, soccer, reading novels, snorkelling.


Gonzalo Saiz Gonzalo

Student Member
Major: Biology Degree (UCM)

My name is Gonzalo, I am a 23-year-old biologist. I have participated in the SWI Project during the 2016-2017 academic year. I have also researched for 2 years with the Genetics laboratory in the research "Cytogenetic and Genomic Analysis". I have participated in the DeepTalent program of the Community of Madrid for academic excellence. Currently, doing a master's degree in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology doing my master thesis in the APC Microbiome in Ireland.

I was one of the first three members to form the team when we started wanting to participate in the iGEM one year ago. I helped to develop the project throughout the whole year to make the team able to use laboratories and materials to work in summer. In the iGEM team, my main role has been the laboratory part. I have done the interlab experiment and helped with the aptamers SELEX process. I also have been in charge of obtaining part of the funds to finance our project.

Hobbies: Tennis, chess, play classical guitar, reading classical literature.