1. Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance:

  2. Competition Deliverables: Wiki, Poster, Presentation, Judjing Form.

  3. Attributions: Our Atributtion page credits those who've helped us.

  4. Contribution: As special track all contributions that we have made are in our Contribution page.


  1. Validated Contribution: As special track we have to demostrate that our contribution performs its intended function. We expose it in our Contribution page.

  2. Collaboration:You could see all the colaboration with other teams in the Collaboration page.

  3. Human Practices: Our Integrated Human Practice page shows the activities that we have done around our proyect to show that our work is responsible and good for the world.


  1. Integrated Human Practices: We expand the silver medal of Human Practice in the same page:Integrated Human Practice page.

  2. Improvement: We improve some functions of previous iGEM proyects and we have reflected it in the Improve page.

  3. Demonstration of Our Work :The place where we demostrate that the final result of our proyect works is in our Demostrate page.