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Final device


Our second device was born from a need. It was not preconceived, as the first prototype. We needed to solve many experimental inconveniences and many misconceptions that we had when we designed the first prototype

First Prototype

The environment that motivated the birth of the final prototype was a different one. We would love to consider this device as a mature version of the initial one. We introduced the following improvements:

  1. An electrochemical system of measurement: we required a potentiostat and some electrodes for testing the protein and aptamer binding.

  2. Integrate an electrode into a microfluidic chip.

  3. Correlate the protein concentration to the potentiostat readings.

  4. Automated pressure pump control for the microfluidic chip.

  5. Capability of real-time data uploading to the cloud.

  6. Integrate this data in an iOS app.

  7. Integrate every subsystem into a functional device.

Besides, we would love to consider that our final version of the device is versatile enough to be presented as a resilient biodevice workbench. It might be used by anyone that requires a device for experimenting with aptasensors based on an electrochemical system of measurement.

Although we are presenting a design that seems to be closed, we are proud to share with everyone our design in our Github. It is open to improvements. We would love to receive as much feedback as possible.

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